How to switch to wayland in KDE Plasma

I’ve recently heard that wayland is working well on KDE Plasma and wanted to enable it. First, I checked what was running on my KDE


Turns out I was running x11 still. I’ve tried finding guides/instructions on how to make the switch but wasn’t unable to find a clear one. Can any point me to the resources/guides regarding making this switch? I want to be able to switch back seamlessly if Wayland is not working out for me.
Also, I am using lightdm as my Desktop Manager. Do I need to change DM’s for Wayland to work?

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Install the package plasma-wayland-session and then you will be able to choose wayland or X11 from the login screen.

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Do I need to install plasma-wayland-protocols and kwayland-integration too?

Everything you need should be pulled in as dependencies of plasma-wayland-session


Thanks, @dalto for your help. It worked. I was able to use wayland but the barrier app which I use for keyboard and mouse isn’t working. Until I get it to work, I am going back to x11. Also, I wasn’t able to log out successfully from the wayland session and I had to shutdown manually (using the power button).

I just typed into search “kde wayland support”
Top two results:

Yes, it gets better with every update but it is still considered experimental and incomplete.

That being said, many people have switched to it.

Been running it pretty much full time for more than six months…and really no big issues (for what I do).

I also had those issues when switching between wayland and X11 without rebooting. When using wayland as first login session (via autologin or manual login) those issues disappeared.

Do you know any reason why apps like Barrier are not working?

It looks like barrier doesn’t support wayland yet.

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I should’ve checked the github page about this. I thought it was a problem with Wayland. Thanks for pointing this out @dalto.

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