Wayland questions, answers and experiences

What are your experiences with Wayland? What is its advantage over the X11, and what is its disadvantage? Personally, I don’t use it on a daily basis.

From a, it works and don’t make errors, both work for me very well under KDE

The issue I have with both, but in 2 different direction is scaling. I use a 4K Monitor and 125% Scaling is very good.

under X11, some apps like Steam will not scale to 125% but to 150%

under wayland I have the choice to let kde or the app themself scale, the problem is, when a app doesn’t support wayland that means, the app keep 125% scaling but become very blurry or the app does not scale at all an with 100% becomes very tiny.

For my use case, office, internet and games I don’t see an really advantage from one or the other, but I believe that Wayland is the future, so I keep switching between both, to see when Wayland has solved my issues.

But looking at the root, it is not even an Wayland Problem, but an problem of the slow adaptation from some applications.

Wayland is more secure, but not all applications and desktop environments work well with it yet. So my approach is to try using Wayland, and if I’m having too many problems then switch back to X11. My own current experience on Plasma 5.26 with my selection of applications is that everything works OK, so I stick with Wayland.

Seems this has already been debated previously here about 1-2 weeks ago.


Yes, I read that Wayland and X11 are not very different based on average user experience. Obviously there are compatibility issues.

For me, stability and security are the main aspects of a software. I haven’t tried it on KDE yet, I’ll see how my installed apps work.

Well, I didn’t notice that, but as I see it, it only compares the two in terms of Plasma.

Every now and then I give Wayland a try, and I revert to X11.
My latest Wayland trial left me with the impression that my system was haunted eg:

  • I have an application running, then start another, the bottom panel would disapear and return 5 seconds later.
  • Sometimes clicking on the start menu button my system would become unresponsive and slowly the screen would desaturate, then my only option is to power down (I must enable REISUB)
    So once more I leave Wayland, will try it again in a few months. :nauseated_face:

I don’t use Wayland under KDE because my favorite dock, Plank, doesn’t work under KDE Wayland, so I prefer X11.