Wayland and KDE

I have done a fresh install using KDE. Everything is working perfectly.
To keep up to date, I am listening to Linux Podcast (since I am now running Linux full time) and there seems to be some drama as far as Wayland vs X11. During the fresh KDE install I did not notice a Wayland option and proceeded with X11. (may be missed it ? )
Since the Gnome Dev and others want to drop X11 all together I was wondering if I should be running Wayland instead. I am not technically qualify to be able to say X11 works better than Wayland or the other way around. I thought I would ask the endeavor community for some advice since its the most sane and level headed community that I know.

All the best

Here they talk about it. Wayland nebo xORG vs X11?

Thanks. Read the post. A bit old. I guess Devs have been working on fixing wayland issues since a year or so.
I have no issue with X11. Big contrast as per some comments :slight_smile:
Is there a guide to install Wayland and give it a try ?

So installing plasma-wayland-session and selecting Wayland from the login screen doesn’t work?

No no issue there… Thought reading some wiki or whatnot on Wayland so I understand a bit better possible change between X11 and Wayland would be a great idea. Could not really find anything on the net that would state the facts in a non bias way I guess. The only good one I found → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPz5TAGYgzA… Still too technical for me and I believe quite old since Wayland is actively being worked on at the moment. From my understanding there are interactions (don’t know if this is the proper wording) with your distro that could be unwanted.

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I recently had a similar question during my fresh install and shared my findings here:

If you rely on KDE’s “restore session” feature: it doesn’t work with Wayland because Wayland is yet to provide any session management abilities. QT and GTK do provide something but implementing the needed changes in KDE isn’t planned before 2025.

My advice, for what it’s worth: stay on X until Plasma forces you to switch to Wayland (probably in a year or so).

I’m using Wayland now both on my Ryzen desktop hardware with amdgpu and also on my Intel with Nvidia desktop. I’m a lot more satisfied with Wayland than a year ago but nothing wrong with X and i can use either. I’m only using Wayland to see how updates and changes work with Kde Plasma.

My advice is: use whatever the devs recommend as the default (i.e. X11 until February) unless you have a strong reason to choose otherwise (e.g. you have a touchscreen in which case Wayland is a must in my opinion; or you experience more technical issues in one or the other…).

In the end I think it comes down to personal preference and experience. Use what works best for you, not some random people on the internet.


Thanks Guys for your replies.
I have no pref whatsoever. Anything that is simple, reliable, stable (to some extent) is fine with me.
I do like following advises from people that know more than me :slight_smile:
I am trying both Wayland and X11 and both work fine for me. No issues.
I do have to rely on in the internet as I am not technically savvy. Whether or not the info I am getting is correct or wrong, most of the time, I won’t be able to know. I accept that. Trial and error is the best path forward. I try to get my info from mainstream. In this case, Arch Wiki and EndeavorOS. I do read a lot of documentation as well before moving forward in changing my rig. In this case, trying to find proper doc on X11 and Wayland.

All the best to you all and thanks a lot for all your support.

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