Waterfox declaring independence 🎈

I am happy to say that Waterfox is independent again. This change allows the community and myself to shape the browser’s future direction.

In the coming months, I will be working diligently to advance the browser, focusing on improvements that enhance privacy, boost performance, and expand customisation options.

Stay tuned for future updates, as I will be sharing more details about my plans for Waterfox, including new features and opportunities to get involved.

– Alex Kontos

source: https://www.waterfox.net/blog/2023/07/03/a-new-chapter-for-waterfox

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Breaking away from the clutches of a search engine advertising company took some guts. I have now moved to Waterfox 5.1 and it’s several orders of magnitude faster and more efficient than Firefox, but without all the telemetry. Definitely worth supporting.

that’s bizarre I got this from the AUR earlier today. was looking for alternate browsers.

I got my own firefox configured tighter than the librewolf that I already have.
palemoon and waterfox are the stuff of legend and I wanted to see what Waterfox brought to the table.
Was disappointed the search engine defaulted to Bing so poor first impression.
Will give it a chance, though.

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I’d have to strongly disagree.

Why on Earth would you again put trust in something so important in terms of security / privacy as browser, in exactly the same devs who has sold you before to advertisement company slavery?

That would be insane.


One dev as far as I can tell. The founder. I looked into this and after 1 year he broke free from them having controlling interest. It demonstratesd Alex did something he regretted and corrected it a year later. Each to their own.

Me too, but I just changed that. If people supported the project financially, as I am now doing, he would not be relying on search engine revenue. I’m testing G6.04b and they have an Android version releasing soon.

One of the historical problem with Waterfox has always been that being a one man project, he is inconsistent with security updates. Sometimes being weeks or more behind.

Since your browser is the one thing you want updated at all times, I would stay away until he has a consistent track record with that.

Although, the issue that @keybreak mentioned is, IMO, also a big issue.


I have no trust in this project. There is too much history to ignore. A bit like Brave. I’d love to trust Brave, but I just can’t.

LibreWolf and IceCat are the only Fireforks I somewhat trust.


I’ll stick with Firefox. I have no interest in browser hopping. :rabbit:


my staple, daily rotation is FF, Libre,and Ungoogled. This trio has worked for me very well over the last couple years…
…so why would I want to mess that up? tinkerer syndrome I guess.
yesterday installed:
icecat (have used before, broke everything like a souped-up umatrix would)
ladybird (!)

I don’t know why these have stayed so mind-numbingly dull…every year I give each one a chance…just to uninstall quickly: Epiphany, Eolie, Midori…unsure bugs from 2005 have been worked out of these…

^^ name of the game at the end of the day, I agree