Wanted: Mail client for Plasma5 with multiple accounts and tray icon

Guys, I am looking for a nice and easy to use/configure mail client that works well with Plasma 5, so preferrably not using GTK.
Must haves: multiple accounts, tray icon, spam filter
No-Go: Kmail.
Any suggestions?

Nothing there that matches my needs, thanks anyway.

Thunderbirfd patches for plasma? En there yray icon thing

Sorry, Thunderbird 68 has no tray icon.

There is a seporate tray in aur

Which of the 207 “tray” related packages in the aur are you referring to?

Look at birdtray

That’s just a notification tray icon without function to minimize thunderbird to tray and it only works for one mail account

If you use that it.minimize i think

Birdtray is a nice little app that has just one dedicated specialized function: showing a notification for new unread email for Thunderbird in your system tray.

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I’ve been using interlink which is based on old thunderbird version, it accepts full themes and xul extensions, there is both a gtk2 and gtk3 version, aur package:
" interlink-gtk2-bin"

Sounds good, unfortunately both interlink packages from the aur are not installable, they just give a 404 not found error when trying to download them.

you can edit the PKGBUILD file with pamac





Thunderbird works for me. I have used it for years.

Done that and installed it. No german language addon available.

I have been using TB 60 as I need a minimize to tray functionality with tray icon.
TB 60 does not work anymore with icu65 that came in with today’s update.

I have Thunderbird 64 Bit version 68 Why are you using version 60?


Because Firetray does not work with Tb 68.

What is Firetray? Another application?