Wallpaper for desktop background

This is a little contribute when i think a unskilled people that seen “arch linux” distribution


very beautiful wallpaper, but in color would be better

I agree, that said I envy the talent :sunglasses:

This is a “concept” (sketch), i like “minimalism” but every people it’s free to change. I have used “inkscape” and font “futura”. Thank for your comment

Great talent here, this sketch is well done. The only thing is that if you didn’t write your thought about a unskilled people that seen “arch linux” distribution, I couldn’t understand it first, cause there is nothing symbolic about “arch linux” distribution drown. The arch linux tame is maybe too small or distant from the strong draw feeling. The interaction between little girl and tiger is very good !

Did you use a pen or mouse on Inkscape to draw it ?

Remember that you could download the official EndeavourOS Logo

And there is already a Category Wallpaper Art

Maybe would be more accurate to rename your thread Sketch Wallpaper if it’s what you would like and place it in the Category Wallpaper Art where everybody regroup all of kind of Wallpaper there !

Thanks for your draw, I like the minimalist way it is and the quality. :tiger:


I think it’s perfect, just as it is. :heart_eyes::+1:

My mom always told : is perfect only the perfection ! :running_man:

Where’s Sandokan when you need him? :smiley:

ACK as a drawing. Of course as a white wallpaper it’s much too bright or has too much contrast to what lies on it.