Vultr hosting can legally do whatever it wants with your server's data


Probably a good idea to never use.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that exact same boilerplate legal template in a video of a writer or something (essentially saying that if you agree to X publisher publishing your work, they are granted unlimited access to the IP, eg derivative work etc).

I think this kind of boilerplate is becoming more common after GPT, as any and all data becomes even more valuable to resell.

Unrelated: You can definitely tell that poor guy Louis is loosing his sleep over those issues :eye: :eye:


Let me tell you…he’s not alone!


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Develop locally, deploy globally®

they say right on the frontpage :wink:

Very bad… i mean … if i rent a server webespace.
I would think that it is safe, even the admins can not access.

Very complex nowadays to find any good service anyway …

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Yeah…i guess it’s a bit more global than most people know :rofl:

they spread it like butter …

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Lay off the meth and sleep shouldn t be a problem.


No problemo…


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I do butter!

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thanks for the heads up . Gonna sweep through all my projects and see if any is deployed on Vultr, then will propagate the message to my network. I think they will see some hundred customers poofing away in just the next few hours.

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The raction of Vultr (FWIW) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Not much anymore, i guess… :rofl:
They can damage control all they want, but that was unacceptable.

“It’s clearly causing confusion for some portion of users. We recognize that the average user doesn’t have a law degree,” Kardwell said.
this phrase alone grants Vultr to never do business with me ever.

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