Volume Normalization with PipeWire

Hey Guys,

since EndeavourOS now installs Pipewire as default, i have a Problem.

This problem could be solved, if i remove Pipewire and reinstall pulseaudio again, but i think thats isnt the best way to do.

Im honest, im to old to understand why even Pipewire is needed. But i dont understanded already decades ago why pulseaudio is needed. Everything worked fine only with ALSA. But that did SysVinit too… It seems the Guys from Systemd/Pulseaudio/various_other_software likes to develop Software just of boredom :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just kiddin.

Nevermind, already with ALSA decades ago i set up a “virtual Soundcard” for volume normalization, because its annoys me that everything got another volume level on the internet. So i was everytime adjusting the volume if too loud/too quiet. Thats worked great.

Than pulseaudio became the standard. There i have done this the same.

But this time with some Plugins like i understand it.

For Pulseaudio it was enough, to install swh-plugins and configure pulseaudio accordingly:

.include /etc/pulse/default.pa
load-module module-ladspa-sink sink_name=ladspa_sink plugin=sc4_1882 label=sc4 control=1,1.5,401,-12,20,5,12
load-module module-ladspa-sink sink_name=ladspa_normalized master=ladspa_sink plugin=fast_lookahead_limiter_1913 label=fastLookaheadLimiter control=10,-20,0.8
set-default-sink ladspa_normalized

And now i need the same, but with Pipewire :smiley: I already found out that Pipewire is totaly able to do that. But i didnt understand how to do that.

(And no. Simply install pulseaudio again beside pipewire is not a solution, why is pipewire then even needed?! (thats the suggestion i found in the internet from other guys where one guy had the same question))


Sorry. But didnt understand what the Documentation wanna tell me (only where the configuration is saved)


And /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/ didnt even exists.

It’s the channelmix.normalize setting.

Check under /usr/share/pipewire/ for system-wide packaged config rather than /etc/pipewire/ .

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Ok, now i see 14 different files. Have i to edit media-session.conf?

If that’s where the configuration value is, and that’s what the documentation above suggests, then yes.

ok, and how? I must specify a specific soundcard to use that (i have 6 independet ones on my system), and the compression levels.

@ricklinux gaved me with the documentation a good “hint”. I found on the domain a Issue entry. I registered there und posted there the question too.

I hope they are the devs.

Hang on, that linked documentation is an old version.

Current version is here:

That should be much more straightforward.

The link for the newer documentation didn’t work for me. :thinking:

Lol. For me the same.

But after login in, it works.

Nvm. Im chatting with the Guys on that site.

It seems that (if i understanded it right) channel.normalize isnt volume normalize (channel.normalize only normalize between right/left or more, if you have more channels).

It would be curious for me too. Because what i (and 99% other) call “volume normalize” is in the analog world a compressor. There you have mostly 3 knobs where you can adjust the levels of filtration.

Thats these Values: control=1,1.5,401,-12,20,5,12

Ask them as i do not know. :man_shrugging: Just trying to point you in the right direction to look for the answers you asking for.

Hm? Sry. Only:

was for you :slight_smile:

Everything is good. Im thankfull for every hint.

The other option would be to use EasyEffects (or JamesDSP) and then you don’t have to faff with configuration files.

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this? https://github.com/wwmm/easyeffects

this looks very good. Must give a look into. Or do you already know how to do it?

Thanks to @jonathon with his hint for easyeffects, i got know a solution wich isnt perfect because it needs extra software, but it works.

I write a Tutorial/Guide for you Guys at this board. There i write different ways how to accomplish this.

Yes, though it’s in the repos so you don’t have to build it from source.

Voila: [Tutorial] Volume Normalization on PipeWire

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