VLC player, fullscreen on 2nd monitor detached video

vlc detached video output
video should output fullscreen on 2nd monitor (extended mode display) always.
Vlc player itself should be on laptop monitor to do controlling and last minute playlist management during presentation.

I tried several hours to look for info to solve this issue… but not avail. all i saw was ppl complaining this issue is not solve after many years of reporting.

Solution on this webpage is not a solution at all… not working


I manage to make it works on windows os with same monitor configuration. using video output on x and y coordinate, non embeded video and directx.
But since i am migrating to linux, i am trying my best not to use windows os anymore…hence i need this to be solve on linux.

I can’t make it work. the x and ycoordinate thing does nothing (while it works on windows, but not linux).

Anybody know how to do it ?

This site might help:


Solution on the web page makes sense to me so i don’t know why it doesn’t work. I would have no way of knowing unless i tried it myself which i don’t have the equipment here to try. :man_shrugging:

No, This solution is almost same as for windows os… someone else also post the same solution for windows os… the difference is only “direct x” , while linux is “x11 video output”.
Even this soln for windows os does not work on my msi laptop… hence i fiddle around for a long time until i manage to find out x and y coordinate of video output is the one setting that works for this laptop.
This Video display device : Automatic or //display1 or //display2 does not work on windows os.
same also: full screen video device: Automatic or eDP1 or HDMI1 does not work on my laptop on linux.

I just tried again, using the method of kamarada method.
with integrated mode (video embeded on player) , this method works!
But my goal is detached video output from player.
because during presentation, video output on projector and player control on laptop monitor… this is the best to control…

If you can’t get an external control panel for the video, you might be able to use the keyboard shortcuts to control it, to do what you need.

I’ve found three approaches from playing with VLC just now. I have tested all three of these and they all work.

Detach video from interface

Preferences -> Interface -> Untick “Integrate video in interface”.

Then, play a video and put it on any output you want.

Clone output

Tools -> Effects and Filters -> Video Effects -> Advanced -> Clone.

Put the clone output on any display you like.

Web interface

Set a password under Preferences -> All -> Interface -> Main interfaces -> Lua -> Lua HTTP.


View -> Add interface -> Web

Then, point a browser at http://localhost:8080 and log in with no username and the password you set above and you’ll get a web interface for controls.


The approach here (under “Setting up VLC”) works for me. Are you following the instructions correctly?

ya… never thought of that… that’s a lot of shortcut key to remember… such, enque several files… and sort it according to name… etc…
But it still not the same. i can’t see the time scale of the video played. I often have to drag the video to specific minutes of the video to start playing… and stop at specific minute… then play another file…and so on and so forth
Hence without the player gui on my screen to monitor to control it would be very hard and distracting the viewer…

This method i know already… The issue with this is:
the video output always display on my laptop monitor instead of 2nd monitor. Even when i drag the video to 2nd monitor and max it… it will switch back to my laptop monitor again after it play the next file in the playlist… hence i have to drag the video output to the 2nd monitor EACH time as the files in the playlist are played.
Hence not achieve the required goal.

Wonderful discovery… superb! i have browsed thru all the features in it. But sadly, as above, the video output jump back to my laptop screen after each file in playlist…
Hence did not achieve the goal requirement.

screenshot of web control

I think this requires flash player to be install into firefox… will try it. But heard ppl said flash player in browser is a big risk of virus or hack or anything one can imaging when browsing … risking computer being infected by virus, trojan… etc.

I think this could be a soln if there is no way to make the video output to stay on the same screen…

I have again, follow the whole setting of this webpage to the word…
The output video still popout on laptop monitor, doesn’t matter i choose “HDMI1 or eDP1 or Automatic…” it keeps popping up on laptop screen each time i stop playing a file and start playing another file in the playlist.

I can’t let the player play all the files from 0 minute to the end of the file… I only play specific time frame of each file… selectively during presentation, not gonna play the whole list of file without stopping…
I will play a video file, drag it to a specific time frame, play it for certain duration that concerned my presentation, then stop and repeat…

It is the same for windows os. I think the main issue is vlc does not recognize monitor name… hence no matter what monitor i choose, it makes no different at all. Effectively the option (tool>preferences> video> display > “fullscreen video Device” : HDMI1/ eDP1/Automatic ) is useless.

This is very inconvinience, each time i stop playing file i have to redrag the video output window to the 2nd monitor.

Since there is no way for vlc to do what i needed it to do, i am looking for alternative.
Someone suggested:
Bomi multimedia player
bomi player does not even have the separate player and video feature.

celluloid also has got not separate player and video feature.

features are unstable. play faster speed and video forward seek does not work when video was send to hdmi monitor . when i stop playing video, there is still a smplayer “canvas” on hdmi screen (if smplayer will clear out hdmi monitor (stop hogging the screen) when stop playing, it would be good.

i have to try all these 3… :sweat: but none can serve the requirement that i needed. :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

Have you tried this?

Drag the VLC window to your second screen.

Then go to Tools > Preferences > Video > Display and check Fullscreen.

Close VLC, done.

VLC will now remember its position and always start videos in fullscreen mode on the second monitor (until you change the position to the primary display or the secondary display becomes unavailable, that is.)

Hii ricklinux,
Your advice made me glad for a moment! I thought vlc is like windows media player… it remember the position when drag to it…
So i did EXACTLY as what you have done. Closed the vlc and restart.
The video windows pop up straight on my laptop monitor instead of the hdmi monitor i taught it to be… No, it does not work. It do full screen on my laptop screen… wrong screen.
I have tried many ways following your method above:
And i have realized that vlc video window ONLY follow vlc player. where the vlc player is when i stop playing (just stop playing current file , NOT close vlc) and play another video file in the playlist.. the video window will pop out on the same screen where vlc player currently is.
This feature of vlc works better on windows machine than on linux. i have the same laptop with windows 7 partition… i manage to make the vlc always output video on hdmi screen regardless where vlc player is (using the x and y video output coordinate). However it has being known that the coordinate do nothing on linux version of vlc.

Do you have the other screen to the right. This method supposedly works on Linux also. I cannot confirm for sure.

Why “other screen to the right” ? I have hdmi screen on top of laptop screen. The only one i have.

I guess the positioning makes a difference but this may only come to be with more than two monitors. So for instance if you have 3 monitors. It’s just what i read on another site. This may not work for your setup.

Did you meant if my screen is left and right, then this will work ?

No, that’s not what he wrote.

He is saying that you should try having the additional (secondary) output configured to the right of your laptop (primary) screen.

Some DEs/WMs think that the primary output has to be the left-most one.

Is there way to make my laptop screen to left-most software wise ?

That’s what i meant, i have to have 2 monitor that is extended to right… only left - right monitor configuration might work.