VLC player, fullscreen on 2nd monitor detached video

Please teach me.

Use your DE’s display configuration settings.

My current monitor setting is like so… That means i should drag my samsung HDMI1 screen to right , right ?

You’re seriously asking whether you should configure your secondary display to be to the right of your primary display?


And so?

Nope, does not work either. Same as my top down screen configuration.
Video window ONLY follow vlc player when stop -start a video file.

Maybe VLC isn’t the correct piece of software for your very specific use-case. Perhaps some sort of presentation software might work better?

As it is, I’ve had enough of this apparently “unsolvable” issue. Good luck.


When you set the screen to the right did you go through the process again and drag vlc and then close etc like i originally posted?

Yes i did. Dragged video windows to the right monitor, max it… then go to vlc player which is on the left monitor, go to preference > video > full screen > save >close vlc
When restart vlc, the video pop up on the same monitor as vlc player

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