VLC becoming Default again and again

I am on the KDE Desktop environment and besides setting mpv as my default audio & video player countless times, VLC becomes the default for the mentioned processes again and again…Does anyone have a suggestion ?

Hmm, I’m yet to encounter such a bug.’
How did you set mpv as the default video player?

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So are you setting it in the default apps section in system settings? And are you saying that later on when you go back to system settings; the default app section for audio and video is now vlc?

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Sir Yes Sir and I’m using Plasma BTW.

My suggestion would be to remove VLC unless you need it for something. I haven’t used it for over 10 years, I don’t like it at all. I use SMPlayer which is mpv based for my video needs, and DeaDBeef for audio although there are many good audio players. VLC reminds me of an Adobe application: big, bloated and overly complex.

tried it but it’s an essential dependency for Phonon-QT6, VLC was good on windows but on Linux, I don’t know, MPV and players based on MPV like the one you mentioned, SMPlayer, beat VLC by a mile.

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Yeah, vlc is now a dependency, so definitely don’t do that. I was doing some testing to find what files changed when you change the default app. It looks like it is $HOME/.config/mimeapps.list. If you remove the file and reset all your defaults. Maybe that will fix it.

Edit: And maybe try reinstalling vlc while you are at it.

Lastly I would recommend testing with a new user to see if these shenanigans still occur.

ffmpeg vs ffmpeg

Actually, they should probably try reinstalling the other app instead. From what I’ve noticed on my systems, the newest app that opens a certain file type assigns itself as the default. I’ve noticed this with file managers, image and PDF viewers, image editors, and even web browsers.

I’ve removed VLC because it’s too much trouble to deal with and use MPV without any of the helper apps (smplayer etc.). However, you have to remove the packages that pull it in first. Instructions in the link below.


Tried it, VLC became default after an hour or so again…

Thank you, Was finally able to uninstall VLC.

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