Viper browser does not open

I installed viper browser from snap store
sudo snap install viper-browser,
it was installed successfully
viper-browser continuous-2-gc173878 from IsakTheHacker (isakbryn) installed
the icon appears in the internet catalog
but the browser does not start

Any ideas?

I’ve never heard of viper honestly. And almost no one here uses snaps, and they don’t really allow you to much info on how they work or build. Your best bet would be to contact whomever makes the snap.

Use Firefox :wink:


Firefox is my favorite browser but with a laptop of 2007 Firefox is toooooooooo slow.
Falkon works a little better.
I wanted to try Viper Browser because it’s lightweight.

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A powerful yet lightweight web browser built with the Qt framework
Licensed under GPLv3

I think it’s worth seeing how good it is.

On my android cellphone, it works very fast and it searches are encrypted by default.


which viper-browser

in a terminal. It should give the path to the snap binary. Most probably something like /snap/bin/viper-browser. Use that in a terminal and see if the output would give you some hints.

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And you use snaps?!

If you want truly lightweight to just browse webpages, I recommend this

Install suckless way, literally git pull and compile it.

Edit: else there is also an AUR package

tryh with appimage then ?

from the main source !

snaps is not created by them

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probably need another program to install properly, but it flashes here a bit

Last commit Oct 18, 2021. Just saying…

ah ok :slight_smile: but then , falkon is a good and not heavy. if you go outside realm of FF or Chromium based it has some thingining… Viper / falkon are also using same webkit

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For me, falkon is the heaviest browser on my system by a wide margin. If I leave it open it gobbles up memory. It usually settles around ~1.5-2 GB per tab.

If you want to speed things up, avoid snaps at all costs.

That being said, I like seahorse if it’s still around. It’s like old Firefox. I used it a year or so ago and it was damn decent

probably is viper the same :slight_smile:

You might find a lightweight browser you like here too

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Use Firefox. :roll_eyes:

try qutebrowser :innocent: :wink: ( it no for every one but nice when get in to it )

EDit " "

$ which viper-browser

i can’t make head or tails of this info…

Try to launch the browser from a terminal, either by:


or give the full path to the binary:


and see if it will reveals something.

However, at this juncture, given the information posted throughout the topic, I wouldn’t bother so much about this browser which hasn’t had updates for quite a while.

i suppose, you’re right
i’ll remove this snap

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