Video/Pic Editing w/AI

I use Shotcut and the non intrusive Audacity. I have several old vidoes that can be cleaned up - but - only with AI from what I see. I have all of the videos on my machines, from the Three Stooges (I am 65 years old).

Using ShotCut - I am left with a poor “upscale”. I’ve seen old videos upscaled with AI and they look awesome.

Can someone recommend to me a package that includes AI upscaling? Please?


I don’t know if these are any good but. Yay -Ss upscale gives these see screenshot.


perhapse anime4k ?? |> yay -S anime4k

Again I have no idea if its any good anime is another form of video and 4k high resolution.


anime4k is not the best option for Live Action videos. It reportedly works great for anime, as it is developed mainly for anime upscaling. Can’t verify that personally though as I don’t watch a lot of anime.

For Live Action videos, IF your GPU is good enough, there are a few options. FSRCNN (the 16 or even 8 version) + SSimDownscaler + KrigBilateral will give you pretty good quality videos in Real-Time. If you want to encode, use ffmpeg as it now supports glsl through libplacebo.

For images ( again for Real-Time viewing ) , you could use these glsl shaders in mpv to view pictures also.

Have a look through this.

If you want to upscale pictures for encoding and not Real-Time viewing, there are a couple of great Super-Resolution projects.

For face restoration, GFPGAN is a decent option, although I personally don’t like it. Too much alterations to the face. If anyone knows a better face-restoration project using AI, please let me know.

It all depends on what you want to achieve and your hardware, although SwinIR, Real-ESRGAN and GFPGAN all have Google Colabs.


I thank everyone for their input. I’ll check these recommendations out!

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