Video editing software recommendations for Instareels

Hello Community,
Can you please provide your recommendations for video editing at home. I have a simple i5 laptop with just a standard inbuilt video capabilities.
I may end up in a nice paying job, if i produce a video with your recommendation today.
Please SOS.


Here is a list of video editors from ArchWiki:

Try shotcut maybe.

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Kdenlive is really simple to learn, very basic interface, yet it is sufficiently rich in features for even complex professional projects (though, not nearly as feature rich as some proprietary video editors like DaVinci Resolve).

If you are anit-KDE/anti-Qt, there’s Shotcut, which is even simpler to learn than Kdenlive.

And, if your hardware can handle it, Blender has pretty much everything you could need from a video editor, though videos on how to use the video editor in Blender are far less in comparison to using other aspects.

Best to check out this article from the Arch Wiki:

I currently use Shotcut for simple edits and Davinci Resolve for more detailed ones.

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Only real problem with Kdenlive is how incredibly unstable and buggy it is when doing longterm professional work…Otherwise it would be really great, hopefully one day they’ll be able to manage all that crap!

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Is that still the case? I’ve been using it for about two years now, not every day, but fairly regularly. I don’t do very complicated stuff (my projects contain up to maybe 20 input files or so). I remember it crashing a bit in the past (I had to save often or I would lose work), but in the last year or so, it hasn’t crashed on me once, to knock on wood.

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Yep, dstrotube for example constantly squeal about it with some great examples, but then switched to Blender (which is 3D editor with ability to do some video) to avoid those problems :rofl:

Yeah, but DT also rated Kate, the text editor, as meh and below Gedit, so I don’t take him seriously when it comes to software reviews.

But yeah, that reminds me, Blender is pretty good for video editing, too. It’s good for a lot of things, it can even do 3D modelling :rofl:

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When it comes to instability / bugs of video editors - i do, because he does that everyday :upside_down_face:
I’ve heard same things from many other people, but with lesser video output then him…

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OBJECTION, your honour. Hearsay! :rofl:


All right all right…

From the top of my head: MentalOutlaw, Luke Smith, that French sounding dude which they’ve tried to ban from youtube, unfa (the funny hairy musician arch btw in the woods guy)

They all were saying the same thing…Well i do too, but i haven’t done some professional video work in a while, so…

shotcut is pretty simple to produce something decent in a short time, and the same used to go for pitivi which i haven’t used in recent years.

i tried shotcut and just stitched those videos, purged the voices and added open source music. here is what i got

i like KDE but always unhappy because i cant configure the way i want (means i dont know what i want).

i am currently happy with qtile. i could still use kdenlive but staying away from kde products unless i am able to make the big jump to kde.

when i actually start working for the company, i may need to do lot of video editing. may be try davinci at that time

thanks a ton for all you suggestions team.

i want to make some text and small animations overlay on top of the video, how to do it. basically the animation will be transparent to be able to see the main video below it. For example an eye winking, eye will be on top of the video and hiding the video below it, whereas in the remaining area the main video will be visible.

i got great recommendations for 2d animation.

i liked tupltube so much. unfortunately, i am not able to export it to mp4 due to some dependency issue

how to solicit someone to package tupitube latest version. since it is orphaned now. i solved the installation issue by installing through the link provided by the developer.