Vega mobile at 100 percent use

Hello everyone, i’m new here.

I have a laptop with Ryzen 5 3500U. It has two gpus: Vega 8 and AMD Radeon 540X.
Vega 8 is always on 100% of use.
Someone here knows what is the cause? A friend of mine has a identical laptop e it has the same issue, even with other distro (OpenSUSE TW, Fedora and Pop OS), with other kernel e Mesa.
Another friend has a similar laptop (running Fedora), but without the dedicate gpu, and has the same issue.
In a group a find a user with the same issue, but with Ryzen 3 mobile of 3000 series.

My laptop is running Endeavour OS, with kernel 6.1.60-1-lts and Mesa 23.2.1.
Same issue when running the latest stable kernel.

What happens if you run it with the latest 6.5.9-arch2-1 kernel ?

how do you know it’s using 100%, I have an 5700g with some vega gpu, I didn’t notice any issues

I use programas like nvtop, Resources and Mission Center.

Same issue.

Do you have errors in your journal ?
$ journalctl -g error -b 0

And since recent laptops that get put up on the market get there BIOS updated more often, can you check for your model number at your manufacturer “support” page ?

And if it’s in need of a new BIOS software can you update it ?

Yes, there is some errors.

I can try it!

Yes please. Thank you.

The BIOS update is necessary?

If it’s outdated.

It’s outdated!

Version installed is 1.07. I downloaded the file and saw this:

It’s for Windows. The README file:


use Hirens Boot CD to install the bios update. I do that with my Lenovo since they don’t offer anything but windows installs.


I will have to burn a CD to install the update?

It’s going to get rid of a lot of red in your journal.

Thank you for the tool. I have a Lenovo e580 that will never see windows again.


You can use that command: dd

$ sudo dd if=/path/to/your.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync

-where your /dev/sdX the X is your usb key: example sda or sdb etc.


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If you don’t have a working Windows on that system than probably yes you will need to. However it is something that will only be needed on rare occasions.

When did this problem start for you? Yesterday I have updated linux-firmware and amd-ucode, almost every game’s fps went down by 30fps. I rolled back the system with timeshift and everything works well again.

Two years ago, the gaming performance down after an update on Ubuntu. New Mesa and kernel.

Where and how can we report firmware issues? The firmware is from september, it’s weird that no one caught it since then. Is it a really bad idea to put amd-ucode and linux-firmware in IgnorePkg?

The procedure to install the new BIOS version is to run a Windows system from the pendrive and run the executable. But every time I turn on my laptop this screen appears. It’s simple to exit it. Because of that I ignore it.

However, this apparently is preventing me from running the system on the pendrive and installing the new BIOS.