VanillaOS, Ubuntu based, stock gnome

Might seem a bit boring at first glance but it’s being developed by the guy who makes bottles & has a few nice little additions that are out of the ordinary for buntu based distros.


Some of the more interesting bits:

  • choose your package format at setup (flakpak, snap/dev/app image)
  • on demand immutability
  • apx package manager (allows you to install from the AUR)
  • integrated driver manager



Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Perhaps a weekend Linux project to try it.

Thanks, I’ll pass.



Thanks to an integrated driver manager, your GPU will no longer be a problem, be it AMD®, Intel® or NVIDIA®, if something is missing, just open the driver manager and follow the suggestions, it’s that simple.

Seems too good to be true or painful to maintain all possible hardware if it is one guy running the show.

Edit: but then it is gnome after all, it just works :magic_wand: :wink:

The immutability thing, seems similar to what’s on the steam deck out of the box. First time I heard of it was fedora silverblue.

I call my Debian “vanilla” Ubuntu :blush:

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Dev of bottles appears to be trying to create the “perfect” GNOME immutable OS, with Bottles, VanillaOS and Atoms. (chroot manager)

Yeah I wouldn’t normally bother posting an Ubuntu based distro here but this one is doing a couple of interesting things, worth have a play with

Did you try this apx? How does it work?
I have heard of something similar called LURE

I agree. But what does this immutable OS have over a typical os with sudo (when used properly)?

Ubuntu is a good base, for a one manshow, i guess.

Haven’t actually tried it yet

I think it’s already grown past a one man show & i know he’s been working with the crystal linux (arch based) with their gtk installer.

I could see this being a decent deb based alternative to fedora or even stock Debian.

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I couldn’t see any Debian based distro as an alternative to Fedora, or Arch. Just sorry.

Maybe if VanillaOS was based on arch, I’d be more inclined to try it.

Tbh, i’m fairly sick of debian (previous OS i tried was parrotOS), and it was no where near as good as EnOS… hence i’m here