Thanks God it's weekend, what Linux project do you have in mind?

Ok, weekend is approaching fast :beer:! I like to do Linux stuff sometimes and learn new things (even during my free time), and of course post some chit chat about it on the forum.

What project(s) do you have going on? Install a new server? Try out a WM for the first time or switching from gnome to KDE or vis versa? Learn vim, or install eos on a new laptop? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am curious…

Well, I’ve been trying to convert this old USFF OptiPlex into a little SteamBox for our sunroom where we do cookouts and stuff…just for old school 2D/indie games. It’s too old for HoloISO to work, and for some reason ChimeraOS’s BT isn’t working, so i figure, why not build everything up manually from a console-only EOS base? Of course, the same issues with USB WiFi compatibility apply, right now I’m stuck using an “n” card…

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  • Learn pacman commands from arch wiki.
  • Customize & learn/relearn LibreOffice.
  • Learn basics of GIMP.
  • Research & learn about basics of Linux Configuration Files.

(I know, I’m using Arch/EOS but know nothing about Linux​:see_no_evil:)


Have a go at Fedora 37 (Beta) on RPi 4.


Installing Linux on a bootable USB 3.1 Flash Drive (Samsung FIT Plus 64GB).

Any suggestions from the purple family?


Possibly learn more about PKGBUILDs and good practices, and then clean up some PKGBUILDs


I will be giving a spin at gnome on my main work computer, trying to set it up with couple of extensions and make it tiling and see if that work flow is ok or tweak it with i3wm. Right now running KDE neon on this one since I was travelling. Figured I could try what’s new I gnome and switch it to eos. Also check the new iso.


and only for adults

will try that new japanese whiskey in the process

  • Write a “Multiseat Gaming w/ Streaming One Instance via Steam Remote Play” how-to
  • Drop some bug reports for Plasma 5.26 Beta (noticed 2 so far, both appear to be Wayland exclusive :man_facepalming:)

Look at this page:
For GIMP just start with a project and go from there


Updating the BIOS on a Optiplex SFF 7060 and install Proxmox on it. Also, cleaning my Microserver gen 8 and install Truenas Scale on it.
Enough projects?

PS Also, catch up with translations for this project.

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There are some good tutorials for GIMP on YouTube. But for learning about Linux, stay away from YouTube, almost all of it is terrible.


This is way more than a weekend’s task!

Nah, everything is partially known…

  • Need to check from time to time. Previously I followed only from Rosetta. Used Manjaro just to use Linux, came here to learn things.
  • LibreOffice used before for basic functions need to check some tutorials only.
  • GIMP, watched few tutorials but never used it heavily, without practice it’s useless.
  • Config files > this is high priority, I really know nothing about it.
    Any good tutorial recommendations about its history, basic use & various methords/tools to backup etc…?

you can just type

man pacman

in your terminal

Most packages handle their configuration files their own way. Most of it can be found the in manpages of that package.
Choose specific package configuration files you want to learn about and then search about them. You can’t learn about config files in a generic way. Only thing common is that most of them are in the ~/.config folder.

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Installing Arch kde on a new machine( giga z690 aorus master/ 12900k/ 32gb of 6000mhz ram/3090)

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This weekend, I’m replumbing a bathroom towel radiator while reminiscing about XScreensaver Pipes…


Happy memories :smiley:


Weekend? Lol. I’ll be at work both days. Just playing and learning Fedora.

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Well I fixed an issue with the emacs client not working properly and moved from NFS to SSHFS for my NAS connectivity so I have a good start.

Not Linux, but I now received the working IBM PCjr I found and bought so I plan to spend some good time with memories of my first computer in 1984.


You must be almost as old as I am.


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