📣 Vanilla OS First Stable Release

Off topic, I know, but I brought up an issue with install on Virtualbox on another forum and the response was “Virtualbox sucks, use something better.”

Dude…NOT helpful…I didn’t even want to pursue the issue after that.

All because it’s buntu based.
Get it @pebcak ?

No! But I am glad you do :wink:

Happy Linux Year 2023!


Well, I thought I could sacrifice the cat at the altar of curiosity :sweat_smile:

Not only it didn’t die but the guy seems to be enjoying himself…miaaauuu!!

For being something based on Windows…errr Ubuntu I mean. It is extremely slick and comes with a “Vanilla” Gnome and just a few common apps. What you see in the 3rd picture below is what you get.

I let the installer have its way with a 120 GB SSD to see how the default setup looks like. The installation process was straigtforward with a no-nonesense installer and fast like around 4 minutes.
I haven’t seen so much in the Linux world and this one certainly looks new to me:

Screenshot from 2022-12-30 22-03-47

partition    mountpoint 
sda1          /boot/efi
sda2          /boot
sda3          /media/vanilla/b
sda4          /
sda5          /home

I haven’t tried the package management yet. I’ll be doing it during the weekend.
Anyways, it has aroused my curiosity to stick around with it for a while and see how it evolves.


Well … was it worth it? Looks like Gnome. What more can there be?

This is typically a pebcac. :laughing:

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You got it!

I guess I want to learn about their immutable system, how it works and their package management and perhaps other new stuff. I haven’t looked deep into the project yet but I am curios.

Because of what I said above, to me, definitely yes.

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I see your point. It makes sense since it is something new with the file system setup etc.

Edit: I’m going to try it on bare metal on my ssd.

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If I were you, I wouldn’t :wink:
GNOME puts you off so much so I doubt you will have enthusiasm enough to discover if there is any merit to this OS :wink: :sweat_smile:

/ j

I did and i already see it has a whole different package manager … Btrfs is hard enough without having two root set ups?

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The interesting thing is that, if you look at the fstab, the partitions are formatted as btrfs but then that’s it. No subvolumes. More like “traditional” EXT4 partitions but BTRFS instead.

Also, the “real” root filesystem is “a” mounted at /. “b” is the “transactional” root system mounted at /media/$USER/b like a removable media would be.

Edit: looks like what I wrote above is not quite right. It does seem so that a and b gets mounted alternately at / as @mrvictory mentioned. Need to do more digging but later.

How did you figure out so much already?

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How is it , better than Eos Gnome ? xD

I think @pebcak got a new toy. :laughing:


GNOME is Great everywhere! :wink:

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Haven’t had much time to play with it though :slightly_frowning_face:
Have just looked a bit at the commandline tool abroot which is used to get a transactional shell from one root system into the other to run commands and install/uninstall packages etc which are going to affect the future state of the system after reboot. I am still trying to get the hang of it so … :innocent:

Yes it seems there is apx which is the package manager? & abroot?

It looks like with apx, you could install and run apps in containers. I think it uses podman.
With abroot, not only you could install packages (not in containers but into the system directly) but also you could run commands for maintenance, configuration etc which affects system files. These changes will take effect after the reboot.

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Something like that. I’m not totally understanding it. I only installed it for a minute to look at it then i got distracted and i have been trying Siduction KDE. It’s based on Debian unstable and is rolling so i like that. It works great and i installed it with btrfs and it has snapper.

Nice! So you got yourself a new toy too :wink: :grinning:
Have fun!