Using Tor Browser

Hello community,

Is any recommendations before using a Tor? Is any rules using it? As i heard its very anonymize browser and i have never used it.


  1. Safely download it from official website, verify download

  2. Launch TOR

  3. Use it as usual browser, with one exception - do NOT change any settings / extensions and nothing at all (it’s anonymization models is based on a fact that everyone look exactly the same), just visit websites you want to visit anonymously.

P.S. Obviously don’t login / use anything that could get tracked to your clearnet / real identity, no soycial networks.


Thanks for your kind explain. thanks.

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Does TOR create its own profile? Is the existing Firefox user folder unaffected?

TOR is fully portable, it doesn’t affect anything outside it’s portable dir

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Contrary to popular confusion, it’s perfectly safe (at least as safe as using Arch Linux) to use the torbrowser-launcher package from the repos. It downloads the TOR browser from the official website for you. The added benefit of that approach is package management and automatic updates.

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Contrary to popular confusion of portability and independence? :upside_down_face:

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Not sure what you mean. It’s still just as portable if you use the launcher from the repos. It’s just a small python script that downloads the latest version of TOR browser (from the official website).

On Arch Linux at least, there is rarely need to download software manually, using a web browser like some windoze user.



P.S. As we’ve previously discussed it doesn’t matter in case of Arch, but at the very least having more control on such things is definitely a benefit to those who wish to care / learn about privacy…Especially if it’s first time.

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is one of the very, very, VERY few cases where a garbage-tier language like python is better than a compiled language like C or C++, since anyone can inspect the source code easily. It could have been a Bash script, though… less soy.

A LOT less soy.

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After typing that out, I feel not properly hydrated. Gotta go drink some water, brb.


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Take this.


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