Using Linux to update Firmware

I am new to using EndeavourOS, I am trying to use this as my “tech laptop” and I need to install firmware from CDs. The problem is that they are made for Windows and would like to figure out how I can use this newly made “tech laptop” to do that job for me. Thank you in advance for any help. I am also looking at dual booting the laptop but that defeats the purpose of me building this.

I use Hiren’s BootCD ( to perform updates to my UEFI firmware on a Linux only laptop.

These updates come in form of .exe files. I boot up Hiren off of a flash drive and run the .exe file that I have saved on another one.

I wouldn’t know if you could do that with CDs as well but perhaps you might find it to be worth your while to try it.

Also, you could check if your machine is supported by fwupd:

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What I am trying to do is use the laptop as my “tech laptop”. I need to be able to use it to run programs to install firmware for other devices to keep them updated. I know you could do a FTP server.

You need to boot the device in order to update UEFI Firmware. I have never ever updated firmware using another device and i wouldn’t be doing it from cd’s.

What @pebcak suggests is the best way.

But these devices are not computers they are phone that need updating and the way to do it is either cd or download the firmware and push it to the phones. The problem we have is the enterprise computer we use are locked down and we can’t use them to push the software. Trying to find the best way to do this with this laptop and make the standard operating procedure from this. Again thank you for your help and patience.

The best way to get the best help would be to provide as much information as possible in the OP about what problem one is trying to solve.

I would suggest to change the title of the topic to something like: “How to use my Linux machine to update the firmware of phones?”

And then provide information about the phones you are trying to update the firmware for.

Hopefully, someone with adequate experience will step by to help you out.

You are welcome and good luck!

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