Using KDE nowadays feels like death by 1000 cuts

Oxygen icons is borked in Frameworks 5.88, just another of the long list bugs & regressions to work around when using Plasma + KDE Apps nowadays.

Each update adds minor, pointless features, whilst creating more bugs and regressions. Feels like death by 1000 cuts.

Posting in is becoming pointless also, it is where bugs go to die, often duplicated but never fixed.

Developers in the project work on what they find “fun”, ignore long standing important bugs, and often change what works on a whim and subsequently break it.


Sorry, I have to disagree. My experience over the last years is, that Plasma/KDE is constantly improving. Surely I didn’t/don’t like every decision they made/make (especially removing certain stuff from the 3D effects), but in the end it is working very reliably on my systems. There are no issues to complain about, coming to my mind instantly.
This summary (on my part) is my experience using openSUSE and EndeavourOS.


Indeed, about 50% of my reports are on the graveyard of time as well, some of which are critical btw :laughing:


I filed a total of 18 bugs at

  • 5 resolved as DUPL
  • 7 resolved as FIXE
  • 1 resolved as WORK (= works for me by the relevant dev)
  • 3 CONF
  • 2 REPO

So I’ll keep filing although I do agree a bit with OP’s point that devs “work on what they find “fun”” but then even the other major environment which has a “vision” is far from perfect.


Just for the record, Oxygen icons are working fine for me with plasma-framework 5.88.0-1.

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A few months ago, KDE around version 5.20-5.21 felt a pleasure to use :ok_hand: Not perfect, but it was stable, just works, looks like my kind of desktop!

I’d love to know what direction they’re heading towards, if their vision has changed. It has worried me for some time that it feels like lots of ideas pull the project in different directions. Little annoying design tweaks seem to be breaking things in the process. I read changelogs and start fearing of regressions.

Just some of my personal papercuts I'm watching

I have a couple of other code patches locally, since there’s no config option, like swapping the primary buttons (to “GNOME” layout: Cancel, OK | not OK, Cancel)

Hoping this spinboxes styling doesn’t get merged. :crossed_fingers:

Suggestions for them - but not sure where to do that:

  • Ditch Bugzilla and use GitLab for bug tracking.
  • Improve search on to find original repositories.
  • Improve website organisation - sometimes it’s hard to find content, like RSS feeds.

That’s not how I would rate my experience. I am running KDE Plasma, and although there’s lots of options, a staggering amount to be truthful, I am rarely surprised by a functionality working strangely or unexpectedly. For me, it’s a great out-of-the-box experience.


I don’t use many of the “bells and whistles” that KDE/Plasma has. While I find most of the new features that are incorporated on pretty much a weekly basis to be of little to no value to me personally, I recognize that a lot of people probably think they’re the greatest thing ever.

My experience with bugs is that they generally get corrected fairly quickly, at least the major ones. YMMV.

The devs definitely seem to be in their own little world at times, and tend to ignore user feedback if it doesn’t fit their vision. So far, that hasn’t been a dealbreaker for me, but I am still angry that they refuse to bring back the feature of different wallpapers on virtual desktops after they removed it in 2014. They preferred to push Activities on users, and wait for third-party add-ons to fill the gap. The bug report is still open and active after 7 years.

I have used KDE for many years, and I like it very much, but it can definitely be frustrating.


But be honest: what consequence should we draw from this? Should we all now defiantly stamp our feet and look for other DEs because Plasma is not perfect? There are snags everywhere, even Xfce is not perfect (at least not for me). I’m not even talking about exotics like Budgie or Deepin. I also roll my eyes every time I read about the great new features in KDE. But what are the alternatives? Please don’t come with GNOME now!

Btw. I am very satisfied with Plasma, probably I do not look for bugs with a magnifying glass …

Edit: and YES, it also bothers me that the mouse wheel on the desktop has not been able to change work surfaces for years …


The only bug I currently have (that I am aware of, anyway) is that extracting a rar/zip/tar file via Dolphin’s context menu opens a new window of Dolphin when the process completes. It doesn’t open a new window if I extract via terminal, though.

So I either close the new Dolphin window that pops up, or use the terminal instead.

I can live with that.


BTW, there are three magnification options in Desktop Effects. But, if you change from one option to another, the new option may not work immediately. That’s Bug 443436.


The commits for the removal of

  • Desktop Cube Animation,
  • Desktop Cube,
  • Cover Switch, and
  • Flip Switch

all had the same reason:

With the ongoing scene redesign, it needs to be rewritten. However, given that it is not used widely based on support information from various bug reports and our available man power is sparse, the most reasonable thing is to drop the effect, unfortunately.

Links to the four commits are about half way down the page here.


We will switch to TTY-OS no X no GUIS no issues :nerd_face:


Heck, no! I still like KDE Plasma despite its quirks. In some respects, it’s like we wouldn’t dream of our young Plasma growing up to be a stroppy teenager, throwing a tantrum of segfaults! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I only stamp my feet frustrated that I (currently) can’t contribute decent C++ to help out. It’s pretty steep programming language coming from Python. It took me many hours just to add an action for Juk.

My eyes can’t help but notice small things because I work with user interface stuff. :mag: I think most users probably wouldn’t notice much though.

Totally forgot about that! I really liked that. I’ve gotten use to scrolling over the pager instead. Which… also… has a bug on a 4K screen… I ought to write a bug report for that.

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I’m aware, why they did it. Don’t like it nevertheless. :wink:
Especially the cube stuff and 3D program switching (<Alt>+<Tab>)

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I have some sympathy for this. When Plasma 5.19 came out it promised “squashing bugs and removing annoying papercuts”, but for me was so bad that I reverted to Kubuntu 20.04 and the comfort of Plasma 5.18 (and ended up moving on from KDE not long after).

Part of the problem seemed to be not that they weren’t listening to users, but that they were too eager to make changes that some users had requested without thinking about the rest of us (e.g. in Plamsa 5.19 remember window position was introduced without an option for disabling it at first).

However, I’m back on KDE now and happy with it. I’ve accepted that using it on a rolling distro will bring a few bugs/regressions compared to a LTS version, but that they’ll ususally be fixed quickly, and overall the progress that KDE has made in the last few years has been impressive.


Yes, that is irritating :confounded:


KDE World Domination! :muscle: :earth_africa: … I mean, the Windows & Android equivalent of the FOSS world. :wink:

(Originally seen via

In the comments, and even in this interview, Nate (a core KDE developer) understands Plasma is not as stable as it could be. Hopefully with growth, it fuels passionate C++ developers to get out their wrenches and fix things up. :wrench:


I use Eos KDE and i don’t really have any issues with what i do with it and how i use it.


Well, Nate likes to get lost in marketing gobbledygook …