Using gnome-software centre repos

using gnome-software centre, is it possible to use aur, endeavourOS and arch linux repo?

I am not too sure how to add all those other repos?

It doesn’t support AUR at all.

You should not add the repos to it. It is based on packagekit which has no support for manual intervention and using it to install, update or remove packages can cause system breakage.


Do you know something that looks similar to this by any chance? I know there are gui package managers but in my opinion gnome software looks the best?

What about Discover, is that approrpiate?

It is exactly the same, also based on packagekit.

The only GUI package managers I am aware of that are safe to use on Arch-based distros are pamac, octopi and bauh.

Although, pamac will often have issues since it is intended for Manjaro which uses their own repos.

If you include TUI-based, there is also pacseek


Pacseek is the only software center I can recommend for Endeavour.


I am trying to configure this for novice users so I want it to be GUI, otherwise I would have just used pikaur/pacman but thanks for the suggestion.

There is no good suggestion then as this is inherently not a distro geared towards the novice user. As noted, buah or octopi maybe. . . But we’re not really a GUI focused experience.

Pacseek is by miles the best as Endeavour is a terminal-centric distro.

You may want to consider much more beginner friendly distros like Mint if you’re setting up a computer for someone not computer savvy, that seems like there is far better options available.

I always found mint (or any debian distro) to be harder than Arch based distros. Like for starters if you want to install a package that is not in the official repo (some other repo) then you have to run far more confusing commands whereas with ARch you either have AUR or ArchLinux repos and any additional repos such as endeavourOS. I at first started out with peppermint but went to eneadvourOS because I found it easier to use plus less issues.

In what way is Mint easier to use, I may actually then consider Mint for novice users.

Mint is easier for novice users. Mint repos with flatpak, I can’t fathom some software outside of very obscure things not being available.

In what way is it easier? I mean, personally, I don’t know, I don’t use it, or any Debian/Ubuntu distros daily. But, you will have a much more useful GUI software center which as you’ve noted is helpful for new users, where we only really have a terminal, (or TUI with pacseek). Lots of new users are intimidated by the terminal, so we can be very scary for new people. Mint is almost unanimously one of the top few beginner/easiest to use for new to Linux distros there is (and not by me, read reviews and what not).

Most new users also don’t like things like manual interventions, pacnew/pacsave files, file permissions changes, etc that come up from time to time in EOS. Most point release distros will do that for them.

Don’t take my word for it, the internet is slammed full of Linux reviews, and most put Mint in at least the top 5 beginner distros.

I could try it for new users, I will keep that as a suggestion, thank you.

You’re welcome. And if you decide to put a new user on here, good luck teaching them the terminal.

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I got a particular customer that only wants to use their PC for browsing and nothing else so come to think of it I don’t think it would make much of a difference if I either installed Mint or Endeavour.

You have customers? Like for computer stuff? With the questions you’ve had in the past, I’m a bit surprised.

Do you normally put people on endeavour that have never used Linux?

Give me an example?

Yeah just starting off, but been doing it for family or old crappy spare computer.s

Scan over your question history.

How do I do that?

I’m sure it’s frowned by some upon but you might check out pamac.

I would have but as Dalto mentioned its intended for Manjaro.

It is but I cheated and installed it in EOS from the aur.

How is the experience?