USA goverment is recommending a programming language

There is a recommendation from USA gov. for a programming language selection to mitigate vulnerabilities. Not very detailed in my opinion but it can lead to some interesting regulations in the future.
Will they outlaw C/C++? Rust for everyone? :laughing:


Interesting, iirc, :helicopter:
Makes me think of some software contract that a military helicopter was using that had to be programmed in Ada95 as per government requirement …

Years go fast :wink:


Well, if you ever needed a reason not to use Rust… :crab:


I doubt they will enforce anything specific. I could be wrong, to be honest.

I do wish they enforce that everybody that thinks about using Electron for their desktop app to at least not use a biohazard as their codebase /j

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Use Rust…

OR ELSE!!!1111


Yes, it is very unlikely they will force you to use a certain programming language for your personal projects. But they can require a certain programming language or programming practices for any gov. issued projects.
It is common on a corporate level that you specify details of the software for your supplier down to the programming language - for many reasons. One of those reasons (however logical) may be that you avoid certain language which is not so strict about memory safety.
C/C++ can be memory safe but it is a responsibility of the programmer and not the language.
C++ is still evolving so it can very well receive a memory checker to the compiler by the time some gov. enforcement will happen - however sci-fi it may seem now.

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Hmm… I see. I think you’re right. I haven’t had the chance to work at such a level yet, to be honest.

when these kinds of regulations come for Linux I have no doubt the Microsoft Linux Foundation will be wholly and readily compliant as they are with their own product.
no, I won’t add an /s,

To anyone out there looking to learn government language -

But there are programming language and code regulations in Linux. And Rust got added to it recently and they already program in it.

I actually recommend starting by reading the excellent and official online book/tutorial for free:

Coursera also free. Maybe I’ll write and make my own desktop environment.

Which I’m actually really interested in trying cosmic when it comes out, but this is so far off-topic I don’t even know where to think about going with it.


I think it’s good news for Rust, and in a way for open source in general. Whatever feelings we may have about the US government, more people actively using Rust for their professional work means more people looking over the code, submitting bug reports or patches, or otherwise contributing to make it better.

I’ll learn rust and then I can fulfill my lifelong goal of working for the government.


BTW the full document mentions “Rust” only 1 time, and it’s just one example of a language for their new decision. The government does not force to use Rust only.

I thought by the time the tax burden was paid (to the government) something approaching half the year was already spent working for them?

actually, I think the date here is in July - in the US probably not that late...

Born and raised in Canada here and now the USA government wants me to learn Rust while I’m still trying to master English. :laughing:

It’s about mid-late April here in USA. You guys up there definitely pay a hefty tax burden.

Germans only recommending Windows 3.1 for all i tech stuff like highspeed trains and indeed helicopter airplanes…