URL type error


I found a small bug in the URL wich leads to EndeavourOS Pub thread.


it schould loook like this


I did try the reference feature and it didnt work. It took me 15 Min. to realize it :rofl:

with Reference I menat this #lounge:endeavouros-pub does not work
but this #lounge:endeavour-pub

EDIT: removed the ps aout of the URL to demonstrate what I menat.
EDIT2: I have disabled all my Plugins in Librewolf.


Both work for me, are you sure it’s not some plugin messing your browser up?

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Same here.

Where is there a URL that uses this reference?


my english is bad , I described it wrong , its not the wrong URL, the end of the URL has not the os from the name endeavouros in it .

I removed the pp from http because if I pressed on Answer Button the second url was conerted to to first one and worked.

I hope this desciption is better.

My point is, this:

shouldn’t work. So that seems normal.

Where are you seeing that?

go to #lounge and hover with your mouse above the EndeavourOS pub name, look at the Link in the left bottom corner of your Monitor.

For me, it shows the correct link: #lounge:endeavour-pub

Ok , sorry i dont want to waste your time anymore, You are a modearter. You can delete this tread