Updating/moving packages to -5 names

Did not running a pacnew bite me today?

I ran pacnew several times and had a run of packages that basically was moved from “package” to “package5”

I just now pulled up https://archive.archlinux.org/packages/b/baloo5/ from baloo.

Is it a new naming convention or something? The last update to “baloo” seems to be last year 2022 and is on version 5??

My googlefu is struggling to find a reasoning

KDE has renamed packages in preparation of the release of Plasma 6:


Thank you! I missed that

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Does this mean when plasma6 is released, we will have to manually replace all package5 with package6 one by one? Or is it that pacman will offer to replace package5 with package6?

I am sorry but the crystal ball is currently broken. No way to tell the future.

Both ways can happen, time will tell which one will happen.

All depends on whether KDE will offer an upgrade path or not and if Arch package maintainers choose to go the upgrade path or the manual path.

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