Updated mesa package causes Xorg segmentation fault `reached target graphical interface`

After the last update, my system got stuck on reached target graphical interface after some screen splashes.
Xorg log just in case: https://pastebin.com/C7Y31aJe
Some time later I found the solution Cannot get Xorg to start after past days updates
So, I downgraded mesa from 23.3.2-1 to 22.3.1-3 and it works fine, but can cause broken update in future.
But I don’t use integrated intel GPU as a person in the previous topic, but nvidia GPU with the proprietary driver and have different address in Xorg log - Segmentation fault at address 0x0
Hardware: Ryzen 5800x3d, Nvidia GTX 1080ti

So, is there anyone with this problem?

I have the some problem reaching the login screen after today’s update. The system keeps flashing but never enters the login screen. I have used both LTS and hardened kernel but the end result is same.

Need help.
Todays update log

[2024-01-01T14:51:51+0530] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -Syu'
[2024-01-01T14:51:51+0530] [PACMAN] synchronizing package lists
[2024-01-01T14:51:53+0530] [PACMAN] starting full system upgrade
[2024-01-01T14:52:08+0530] [ALPM] transaction started
[2024-01-01T14:52:08+0530] [ALPM] upgraded fontconfig (2:2.15.0-1 -> 2:2.15.0-2)
[2024-01-01T14:52:08+0530] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] Rebuilding fontconfig cache...
[2024-01-01T14:52:10+0530] [ALPM] upgraded mesa (1:23.3.1-1 -> 1:23.3.2-1)
[2024-01-01T14:52:10+0530] [ALPM] upgraded eos-bash-shared (23.30-1 -> 23.31-1)
[2024-01-01T14:52:10+0530] [ALPM] upgraded eos-apps-info (23-6 -> 23-7)
[2024-01-01T14:52:10+0530] [ALPM] upgraded iputils (20231222-1 -> 20231222-2)
[2024-01-01T14:52:11+0530] [ALPM] transaction completed
[2024-01-01T14:52:11+0530] [ALPM] running '30-systemd-daemon-reload-system.hook'...
[2024-01-01T14:52:11+0530] [ALPM] running '30-systemd-update.hook'...
[2024-01-01T14:52:11+0530] [ALPM] running 'eos-reboot-required.hook'...
[2024-01-01T14:52:12+0530] [ALPM] running 'fontconfig.hook'...
[2024-01-01T14:52:12+0530] [ALPM] running 'rebuild-detector.hook'...
[2024-01-01T14:52:13+0530] [ALPM] running 'update-desktop-database.hook'...

Try to downgrade mesa via virtual tty (e.g switch via ctrl-alt-F3) or ssh and reboot.
And show your /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Thanks. I read somewhere in the forum to remove xf86-video-intel and it did the trick. I also do not seems to have modesetting installed. But it worked.

ajayc% sudo pacman -Syu modesetting
[sudo] password for ajayc:
:: Synchronizing package databases...
endeavouros is up to date
core                                         128.0 KiB   233 KiB/s 00:01 [-----------------------------------------] 100%
extra is up to date
error: target not found: modesetting

Modesetting is “baked” into the kernel, remove xf86-video-intel and it takes over.

Yes. I checked using inxi-G and it is there. Thanks

I downgrade mesa and my system boot again.

Has this fix now?

Can we update our kernel etc.?

Good time to switch to a Wayland session :wink:

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