Update frequency?

I’m not new to Linux, but am new to rolling releases. I’d prefer to not do updates too often, and know that months is too long, but is monthly or bi-weekly good enough? Thanks.

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Since, you are using rolling release distribution, hence you should expect that you will receive updates on daily basis.
Everyday, when you will check for the updates, then you will definitely have updates.

Yes, it should not cause any problem because,there are users who wait for about a week before updating in order to maintain the stability.

As of me, I update my system daily, because
1. update size is very less in comparison with fixed updates.
2. Updates on EndeavourOS are stable enough as I had not faced any instability so far.

It’s all on your personal preference.


Thanks. For me it’s a compromise between laziness and - even ignoring breaking things - the updates get so large that it’s a pain to deal with them.


Yes, updates do become large, I had witnessed it just few days ago.

On regular basis, my update size range : 20Mb to 200Mb.

But highest ever update which I had received was of around 600Mb, which is very large in comparison with regular one.


Don’t be lazy! It’s just 1 or 2 mousekliks to do an update. I do it whenever I’m online and Arch upstream sends an update (which happens 3 to 10 times a day). It only takes, like, 10 to 20 secs when you do it regularly. It’s actually super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Fastest way to update is via the terminal. Just type yay and pacman + AUR will update you automagically. :nerd_face:


You do not have to update frequently if you do not want to. I have had Arch machines with 6 months worth of updates causing no trouble. Updating once or twice a month is perfectly fine if you wish to do so.

With that said, updating requires minimal effort and not doing so kind of defeats the purpose of a rolling release distribution.

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Total Download Size:   1318.66 MiB
Total Installed Size:  4122.42 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:       -75.96 MiB

after 3 days of not updating
Packages: 1205 (pacman)

1-2x per month is just fine!

I think it depends on individuals how often you update. For example, I usually update the system every day or two.

I prefer smaller, more frequent updates.
It’s easier to have an overview and in case something goes wrong, usually easier to pinpoint what and what package might have caused it.


Depends a lot on the packages you have :wink:
I use KDE and testing repos on one installation, and while there are greater number of updates frequently, they are small in size. On my main installation with i3wm, the updates are smaller. I can often go 1-2 weeks without updating and still have less than 1GB download.


ikr, that was my point actually that its different for each person

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Updating weekly or fortnightly is fine, but be sure to check for any news for manual intervention, and be aware that keyring changes need to be taken into account in case of verification errors (i.e. update archlinux-keyring if packages seemingly randomly fail to download correctly).

However, as has already been said, smaller, more frequent updates means there is less to download in one go, fewer changes to check in the case of pacnew files, and fewer packages to check in the case of regressions or new bugs.

Two other options are to pin your mirrorlist to the Arch Linux Archive server (so you can’t update until you want to) or to use my unofficial user repo that has daily and weekly (and associated deferred) update cadences.


Yes, this can get troublesome as we delay, I can’t afford downloading larger updates like that in single run as I use daily internet pack which gives me 1.5 Gb per day, and that too, of my mother’s handset.

I prefer smaller updates daily which is affordable. :smile:

But, one thing which I did not understood, is that how did you viewed my reply 3 days before its posting in forum, or had you not updated your system because you were aware of what I am going to do ?

Five to six times a day should be enough… :rofl:


There were a typo, you’ve meant a minute right?
Right…? :frog:

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Probably, but he might have meant 5-6 Hz.

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