Uninstall programs and their configuration files on EOS

Hi friends, a long time ago you told me how to uninstall programs and their configuration files in EOS, so that everything would be new as default.

Unfortunately, I forgot to write it down in my mini-command guide for EOS, and I forgot how to do it correctly.

I want to uninstall wine-staging, lutris and bottles. Would the command be this?

yay -Rns wine-staging
yay -Rns lutris
yay -Rns bottles

(I don’t know if this is the right way to do a full uninstall)

But, later, I think that this command did not uninstall the configuration files, and some folders that contain these configuration files had to be deleted.

But I don’t remember what folders they were.

Thanks in advance for your help friends.

By the way, I think the configuration folders were around here:

Yeah pretty much.

Rest of the configs and bloat leftovers for programs (can) live in:


In case of wine there’s also default wineprefix at:


if you don’t need it anymore.


Thank you very much friend!

I deleted everything I found in those 3 folders that could not be deleted by -Rns.

But using the file search engine, I found more files (in this case from librewolf):


I shouldn’t delete any of this, right?

You didn’t mention librewolf before…but if you need it removed - yes, every program store in those places.



Those are system files (they’re not in /home).
You should remove package to get rid of them.

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Oh wait, debug files…i think you’ve missed that.

Then check your system for -debug packages, like librewolf-bin-debug:

pacman -Qs "\-debug"

and remove unneded.

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Yes, right, you’re right, sorry, I used Firefox and Tor more, so I decided to uninstall it too. xP

Thank you! It seems like this only happens with “-bin” packages?

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I think any packages from AUR, just fix with !debug flag, remove the rest of those packages and you won’t have those anymore.

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