Unified Linux Wine Game Launcher for Game launchers

POC of an unified launcher for windows games under Linux, being worked on by GloriousEggroll. It copies the Steam Linux Runtime and Runtime Tools that allows proton to properly work and mods it to get proton working outside of steam. Potentially huge for other launchers like Lutris and Heroic.

What’s your guys’ thoughts on it? I think this is a great for linux games outside of steam and will definitely have an eye on it.


Pretty similar to Lutris runtime, but since it’s aimed to be “unified” - i’m interested to see it’s future! :upside_down_face:


What i like about it the most is that it has list of all steam games actual protonfixes:

So outside of Steam you know EXACTLY which winetricks you need to use.

It’s getting more interesting by a day, read this:

While it’s a great idea for devs and probably most of users to be idiot-proof…i really wonder how it will work for non-idiots like myself, who like to do things manually for control :thinking:

Meaning, how easy it will be to run custom ID manually, without it being in database…how fast it will get updated against Steam db etc.

One thing for sure - it’s much better than absolute most of Lutris or bottles user scripts, that people currently use to install stuff (despite me always reminding it’s very bad idea to do so blindly :rofl:).

P.S. Also i don’t like that wine-ge will be deprecated…i really liked it, for various reasons outside of games.

One set of proton libraries to manage for everything would be good idea.


I hate the whole “use Lutris for x game, use this runner and that” when we can have something unified. I am seriously interested in this. Hopefully it turns well.
As for wine-ge I still don’t see how it was so “different” compared to proton-ge. As of matter of fact, games ran better with proton-ge than with wine-ge on Lutris, but maybe that was just me.
Regardless, an unified launcher would be amazing and I hope the developers pull it off.

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It is in fact very different (now), you can read in link above why.
For instance currently wine-ge runs best for most of my games, exactly because of the library mess he mentions…

This is huge but a little sad. Pouring one out for Wine-GE.

He probably got fed up with maintaining wine-ge too. I imagine it involves some manual labour, to pull patches and whatnot. Also wine compilation takes a lot more time.

I just wish Epic would start using proton, I have a few nice games there, but heroic is sometimes hit and miss with some of the games.

Yeah I wouldn’t be shocked that he was done maintaining it but can’t blame him he did a phenomenal job with it.

Hopefully when this releases your issues with heroic get resolved, but I don’t think this will release anytime soon, hopefully they provide a release date of a beta test of sorts.

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That guy maintains and code so much that by now his head has to explode… :rofl:

Most of my problems with heroic were save game sync and it didn’t install everything the game needed.

Latter should probably be solved with this new thing when it’s out!
Saves sync…not so sure.
Save sync SUCKS anyway. Store your saves locally, when you can :clown_face: