UMA Graphics and Switchable graphics


For some time I experience that I can only install Linux distributions, when I have the UMA graphics, the problem is that my graphics 3050 ti does not appear, and if I get into Switchable mode automatically Linux distributions stop working. what can I do? My computer is the Gaming 3 15IAH7

As you can see, it only detects the integrated one, the 3050 ti, it only recognizes it when I am in switchable mode, and if I access with this mode, my linux system gets corrupted, it happened to me with all the distributions.


Could you run command

inxi -Fza | eos-sendlog

and show the resulting URL here?

could be you need the proprietary Nvidia Driver s to get the Nvidia to work properly the open-source driver may not fully support it.
But as it shows intel igpu could be also the issue about intel 12th gen CPU and Nvidia driver…

Your Nvidia card does not show in the inxi output. Is it disabled in the BIOS?

You probably need to add kernel parameter ibt=off as @joekamprad mentions in the link.