UEFI LogoFAIL Vulnerability

As if there isn’t enough to worry about these days, now it appears there is a UEFI firmware vulnerability affecting most Windows and Linux systems called LogoFAIL to be concerned about.

Would just disabling the logo in UEFI’s system post prevent this?


I’m just guessing here but would think a BIOS update would be required.

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Yeah…who could have possibly seen it coming.
People would abuse proprietary UEFI garbage. :clown_face:


Just got a BIOS update from Lenovo, seemed to be a little quick for this vulnerability. So I flashed my BIOS and now up to date again.


Nice…Couple of my computers haven’t received any BIOS update in 10 years…so i have my doubts. :rofl:

Thanks now i will check for myne

I’ve got the same problem; last BIOS update from the manufacturer: 9/16/2013. The PC works great, so I hope some option presents itself.

LOL I have my share of those old computers still in motion, my oldest is around 17 years young.

I’m hoping my 10-year-old BIOS–which will probably never see a UEFI patch or upgrade from the manufacturer–doesn’t have the capability to change the boot logo and it’s safe. :frowning_face: