Trying to replicate Garuda Linux's KDE theming on EndeavourOS Plasma KDE

I’m trying to move from Garuda Linux to EndeavourOS on my desktop, but the only thing stopping me is using the same theming. I’ve made a Virtual Machine in order to figure out what to do and I’m facing some issues:

  1. The Sweetified theme (Garuda’s version of Sweet with some fixes) has some small yet notable improvements to Sweet and Sweetified isn’t available outside of Garuda.

  2. sweet-kde-theme-git is showing the Sweet theme in settings, but the theme itself doesn’t work (Breeze Light is applied instead). I’m installing it as a package so that I can upgrade it easier.

  3. I’m struggling customizing Konsole generally

So far I’ve used Manjaro and Garuda, which have most stuff set up with extra things, so it’s a new experience for me :sweat_smile:. I’d appreciate some help!

Is that a question?

You’re probably missing kvantum. You need to install and configure that, too.

I’d help you, but I have no idea what you want.

As a general advice, I think you should ask this question on Garuda Forum, there are people who made the Garuda themes, they know the best.

Tell them you have EndeavourOS install with vanilla KDE and ask them what are the steps needed to reproduce their theme. Maybe they’ll be helpful.


Ok thanks for the advice, I’ll ask there too

  1. Are they in the Chaotic Repo?
  2. Boot a live image of Garuda and copy the configs. Email to yourself.

Wonder why make endeavouros like garuda? ( your choice at end of day )

if garuda fit your like/style + work flow just use garuda. i hear good thing about garuda .

It all set up for you . They have nice ( Garuda Linux KDE lite )

All I got was:

I’d like to use something more Lightweight and closed to vanilla Arch with only Garuda’s theming, nothing else provided by Garuda

I could see wanting to make KDE more Mac-like, but XeroLinux has a similar but not quite as ricey setup. It’s not horrible, though it doesn’t really work for me personally.

The other issue is that Latte (the dock used for both) development has been discontinued for now. The dev dropped it and no one has picked it up (yet, any volunteers?).

Garuda isn’t a bad option, I recommend it for beginners.

Well, they do BTRFS snapshots on update by default, and include pamac-nosnap by default too. But both of these are pretty easy to add to Endeavour. Provided you know they need to be added anyway. :slight_smile:

like i said in post " your choice at end of day " :wink:


look like you found answer :+1: Just little research on your part need.
(Gitlab be a good start place )

Some general notes.

Garuda’s theming has a quite a few components:

  • kvantum theme
  • icon theme
  • gtk theme
  • latte-dock config
  • customizations to kwin configs
  • konsole theme

They are also use a customized fish setup if you consider that part of the theme. Although, I wouldn’t.

My advice would be to install garuda in a VM and then copy the config files you need out.

I think this will end poorly.

Only a few versions still have pamac included. The flagship versions haven’t included it for a while now.

The Garuda team would not agree. :rofl:


Actually I installed their KDE Dragonized version recently, and yep, pamac. I think GNOME too. Not sure about the others. They have almost as many ISOs as Arco, but at least they explain them better.

Their problem, not mine. I happen to think it’s great for newer users who don’t know what to install ahead of time. If they don’t like it they’re welcome to…not like it. :smiley:

I think it depends on how it is asked. There is definitely a chance of it ending poorly.

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It was replaced with Octopi in September of 2021 so I guess it is a matter of perspective on if that is considered “recent” or not.

Probably Discover would work better on a KDE distro anyway, but then there’s no AUR support, guess that might be a problem.

Someone should tell them about pacseek :wink: Though they’re probably busy trying to figure out whether to keep Latte or not, now…

Absolutely not on any Arch-based distro. Using any of the packagekit frontends(discover/gnome software/etc) for managing repo packages on Arch is a dangerous proposition since packagekit doesn’t support manual intervention by design.


Sounds like someone should fix packagekit then.

It isn’t broken, it is deliberately designed to not support manual intervention. That isn’t really compatible with the way Arch-based distros work.

It is what it is, just use a different tool.

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GUI package management is not supported on Arch Linux, nor on EndeavourOS.

I think the best way to “fix” packagekit on Arch would be to remove it from the Arch repos.

That would have been a really good way of asking the question.

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