TROM-Jaro - What Manjaro Should've Been?

The main differences are listed on the page here:

So, in essence, it excludes non-free apps from the base install, but will function like a proper Arch distro, even though it’s based on Manjaro?

That sounds wack to me! Should’ve just based themselves on Arco, Archcraft, Garudo, etc.

It does look good. Not gonna lie. But so did Manjaro… :smiling_face_with_tear:

What do you think?

PS: Learned about TROM-Jaro from a Tutanota thread on Mastodon about YouTube’s fight against adblockers, where someone mentioned Freetube as an alternative.

Found this image while doing more research. I think it is accurate. :rofl:


The OS is not bad, except the obvious fact that it’s based on Manjaro…they’re doing some good voluntary work.

The movement however, in my opinion is NUTS :exploding_head:

This project argues that trade is the origin of most problems: from climate change to slavery, waste and pollution, corruption, crime, you name it. And if we understand the cause, we have a chance to come up with realistic solutions. We backup up these claims via documentaries, books and videos that are freely available for everyone.

Sounds like another version of re-packaged international socialism to me…and that’s exactly what :clown_face: :earth_africa: don’t need at all! But whatever, they write code, documentaries and books so far - that’s fine.

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Yeah, democracy/capitalism is problematic but socialism/communism/etc would only work if humans weren’t humans. And seeing as humans are humans… :person_shrugging:

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I’m not even sure about that, they’d still keep bugging :robot:s or something. :rofl:

P.S. Anyway that’s a bit off topic and off-rules, sorry :clown_face:

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Innovative interpretation of the Tower of Pisa!

At least for us (former East Germany, also called GDR), it did not work and I would like to never have to experience such an attempt again.


I read their trade-free manifesto, it was cute. Remember the South Park where Cartman had to kill all the hippies? And there was a recurring group called the College Know-it-all-Hippies? That’s what the manifesto (creed? mission statement?) sounded like. It was one of these direct associations your mind makes sometimes in a fit of clarity.

anyways, as an independent critical thinker who abhors indoctrination, it would really have something Way Cool to bring to the table before I fetch it and stick it on the Ventoy…