Traktor Pro 3 & Mixxx

for awhile, one of the things that has kept me off linux was traktor pro 3. i use it regularly for work and really like the layout and vinyl emulation. after finally cutting all ties with windows, i dearly miss traktor, especially as i’ve been playing around with mixxx.

it’s fine, but the controller editor isn’t as sharp, some of the functions are different, etc. etc.

has anyone here had luck running it thru wine? i’ve been battling with wineasio and traktor’s sound settings for a bit. i can get the thing to run, but, as expected, audio issues prevail.

if not, does anyone have any advice on how to stop worrying and learn to love mixxx?


I couldnt make it work. Maybe VDJ might be worth a shot? I havent tried on Wine.

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Pretty sure it’s possible, might require some vcrun packages installed through winetricks.

Personally i run Deckadance in wine + linvst…launched from Renoise linux native :upside_down_face:

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I would never use wine. :laughing:

i’ve seen this one video which seemed like a way to do it, but it’s just too time consuming. maybe this can work on an arch-based distro.

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well, sometimes you really don’t have much of a choice. i prefer FOSS as well, however, some software just doesn’t feel right, especially when you’re working live.

i don’t believe in the “it just works” philosophy for software, as there should always be a little tinkering involved, but it’s more like tuning a musical instrument rather than building a new one from scratch each time.

on the other hand, since i barely get to play live these days, i can edit sound on reaper. the experience isn’t as procedural and based on chance, though it definitely gives me more control over the end result

In most cases with wine it’s never ending that only certain versions work with certain software.

I bet you only drink it :joy:

DJing is one of those areas you might have a hard time with free or open source software. Even standalone units use proprietary software.

Sometimes …but not too much or it can put you out! :wink:

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