TPM delaying boot sequence

The latest update messed with TPM, as it now hangs during boot. After a quick research, it looks like my options are to either blacklist or disable it entirely. Before doing so, I’d like to know if it has any practical use in the daily life of on Arch-based distro. Any idea?

Just disable it, unless you encrypted your drive

fine, thought that was Windows-only “feature” (never bothered investigating TPM tbh). Thanks

A similar issue was reported here as well:

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It’s kinda useless on a regular desktop setup in my opinion. I’m not sure but I think it’s only useful if you encrypt your drives. But I don’t like relying on these hardware features, they are buggy. Secure boot is even worse and more useless. Just try to disable it from the firmware.

ofc never used that, I was in fact surprised to find it active at all on this system (it’s not my main PC, which also has EOS). Anyway, just disabled and everything runs smoothly as always.