Top Twenty!

Not that it really matters to us who really like and use the EndeavourOS operating system, but this morning I see that EOS is now number 20 on DistroWatch’s list. I remember when Antergos was number 14 and I’d surely like to see EOS get that high - or even higher!

Of all the GNU/Linux distributions I have EVER used (I have been using Linux for twelve years), this one is, by far, the best.

Not only is the system the best one there is (in my personal opinion), this forum is BY FAR the best one I have ever experienced.

I hope that, with EOS being so visible on the DistroWatch site, many more people will “endeavor” to try it. I believe that most people who do try it will like it and will continue to use it.

Certainly in my case, my “distro-hopping” days are over (at least for as long as EOS remains as good as it is).

I want to express a big THANK YOU to all the developers for making and continually improving this distro and to all here on this forum who go out of their way to help me and all other members.



I see the EOS is pretty stable at around 20 on the Distrowatch list. In my opinion, it is not this ranking number that matters, but the trust that more and more users are showing towards EndeavourOs. The community itself and the distribution together provide the best experience. I am not very wandering between different distributions either. Thanks to the small number of development teams for putting such a usable system in our hands.


it’s the 450 and not the 440 that’s installed…

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Not bad, 21 on last 12 month’s… :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s bad either, it shows stability. I miss that there is still only one test of EOS on the Distrowatch EndeavourOs subpage, so maybe its popularity is growing a bit slower. While it’s also true that few tests have been released about the EOS over the past year, however, these reviews have mostly positively rated this relatively new distribution. I usually read all of these tests if I see news of them somewhere.

Well, as of today (July 25, 2020), EndeavourOS is number 19 on DistroWatch’s list. I hope that EOS will climb even higher than 14!

While this number doesn’t actually matter much, it does show popularity in people investigating the distro. And, with its rise in the standings, there will inevitably be more investigations - and probably trials.

I think that the more people who try it, there will be more people who will like it, use it, and contribute to it. At least that is my opinion. I am also positive that many of the people who try it will decide that, like me, their “distro-hopping” days are over.

Congratulations to the Developers. You have done one fabulous job!



And as of today, EOS has passed ArcoLinux to now be in position # 18.

“Up and up and up it goes, where it will stop, nobody knows!”

Congratulations to the developers.



In the last three months, EOS has been ranked 14th and in the last thirty days 8th.

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You guys are looking at different time frames.

The default distrowatch view is a 6 month rolling average where EOS is currently 18th.

If you are seeing EOS at 8th, you must be using a shorter time frame.

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It is not a ranking, it’s a click counter.


Arbitrary rankings mean nothing… until you’re at the top. :grin:


Isn’t it a ranking of click counts? :innocent:


Maybe it’s a click ranking counter?


Resistance Is Useless.

Rats, i was gonna segue right off into armpit putty, but realised i’d have to flag myself.


How much do reader opinions matter?

That’s correct. The DistroWatch rankings shows only how many people express an interest in a given operating system by looking at it.

BUT — the more “clicks” that EOS gets (and the higher the ranking), the more people who become aware of EOS and, the more people who become aware of EOS, the more people who will try it.

And I believe that a good many people who try it will like it and will make it their “default” operating system. That’s my opinion anyway.

The ranking is a pretty fair determination of the popularity of an operating system (at least in terms of how many people show an interest in it) but it has nothing at all to do with how many people actually are using it. I do not know of any means of determining the number of people actually using any particular operating system (Windows, Mac, BSD, or any GNU/Linux ‘flavor’). (There are, of course, plenty of guesses!)

But in my opinion, the higher the DistroWatch ranking, the better it is for EndeavousOS and for all of us.


And please dont overdue the clickcounter because it can put a ban or limiter on it :slight_smile: idk :slight_smile:

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We’re at number 18 on distrowatch today.

This is your daily announcement.

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Eighteenth or better, main thing Arch-Linux :slight_smile:

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All most of that’s fine & good & dandy & lovely. I totally agree & support.

However it does not change the fact that everyone who describes Distro X’s position in the leagues table at DW as being Distro X’s “ranking”, is simply incorrect, & propagating that error each time they post it.

Yes, you guessed correctly; i also do not believe in xmas nor the easter bunny. Mind you, drop-bears, bunyips & yowies are absolutely fair dinkum ridgy didge.