Top 100 Popular AUR you did not know you needed

Please discuss about your favorite AUR package that is ranked in the top 100 by popularity. I will start with mine. I discovered waydroid. Though i could not make it work yet, which we will come to later. So what is your favorite and why.


There are a quite a few packages of significance in that list. I will ignore the ones everyone already knows about like the AUR helpers and browsers and go with joplin-desktop

Joplin is a cross platform note-taking application that supports encryption and cloud replication(including self-hosted cloud targets). It supports every commonly available platform(Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android)

I use it every day.


DeaDBeeF, unfortunately this is only available from the AUR.


yeap, i figured it from distrotube top 12

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Not yet in the AUR, but of course


But no, if im serious, it would be:

Because this would be the package i install the most from AUR on different Systems to get Hardware Accleration working for Chromium.

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Wasn’t the point of the topic to identify packages in the top 100 by popularity?

Oh sry. Then i misunderstood that. My Answer then could be removed :slight_smile:

I recent removed Spotify from the AUR (I rarely used it, always used the web version anyways), but I would say my most used/favorite from the AUR top 100 is timeshift and ttf-ms-fonts because this is my first year on an Arch-based system and although it’s beyond stable for me, it never hurts to have a full system snapshot* from time to time just in case! And fonts aren’t the most exciting thing in the world to some users, but I’ve been using the ttf-ms-fonts for years, it’s hard to imagine ever having used a system without them installed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ignoring the obvious too …


Others in the top 100 that I get from the source instead.


I just have 4 AUR packages installed atm and they’re all in the top100:


Don’t have a favorite here. But I was surprised that Brave & Timeshift are not available in the official Repos.

ttf-ms-fonts is also a nice package to be installed, if you use wine/Lutris/Playonlinux (which is more or less all the same) stuff. The package just downloads and extracts some basic Windows fonts.

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it is ok, no ? we just needed some topic to start with and then bloat with more packages. :100:

i have never tried timeshift once but i do not understand the reason to take the backup of whole system when i want to backup. the reason is i am backing up because, i am distro hopping or my rolling release’s base system had changed and i am forced to do a fresh install.
may be timeshift takes back up only of the user files and not the whole system. may be it is all my misunderstanding.

It is the opposite of that, timeshift isn’t made for backups. It is made for snapshots.

It is for people who want to be able to roll their system back to prior state. For example, something breaks and they don’t know how to fix it so they can just roll back to before it was broken.


thanks insurance i needed. if only i had done it, it would have save me when garuda broke my grub.
will the size of the destination partition be smaller than the source partition, assuming i had lot of unused space in the source.

If you are using a btrfs filesystem, then the snapshots are btrfs snapshots and they take very little space.

If you are not, then I believe the snapshots are made by copying the files with rsync so they will take as much or more space as the original. subsequent snapshots use hard links on unchanged data so those snapshots will take very little incremental space.

can i use my 5 year old seagate external hard disk to this purpose. i mean can i format it to btrfs for the snapshot purpose.
sorry for too many questions.

just installed aurvote. it is silly. :face_with_monocle:
it just help me vote and tells me if i voted or not. i thought aurvote -c will tell me how much votes that packages got so far.
i have just requested for that feature. :crossed_fingers:

It you are not using btrfs snapshots, then yes, you can. If you are using btrfs snapshots, then those will always be stored on the same drive. That is why snapshots are not backups.


wow. have been using youtube-dl for sometime, but this yt-dlp thingy is quite advanced piece. thanks for the heads up.

2nd which package manager to install. i just dont want hop between pacman and yay. i should start with sudo when it comes with pacman and get warned when i usesudo when it comes to yay.

also i dont want to reboot after unified update.

will it not be nice if my package manager is unified and i can tell it my preference like …

  1. arch repo
  2. aur package-bin
  3. aur package
  4. aur package-git

i have read some material, but definitely a single word answer from experienced user like @dalto will clear lot of air.