To my surprise, EOS Gnome runs perfectly on my Yoga Slim 7 AMD Ryzen 4800u laptop

As I mentioned in this post (Arch Gnome/KDE on Yoga Slim 7 AMD Ryzen: Issues and Solutions), I encountered quite some issues when testing Arch Gnome and Manjaro Gnome. The blank boot screen issue especially annoys me. Just before I gave up, I decided to give EndeavourOS installer a try. TBH I didn’t expect much because I believe EOS is the same as Arch. But in my reality, EOS Gnome makes a big difference. I haven’t encountered a single blank boot screen (10+ reboot tries). I just wonder what magic your guys did to EndeavourOS installer !!?? :grin: :sweat_smile: :smiley:


@Bryanpwo :rofl: