Timeshift vs Borg

it would be very useful if anyone can help if with these issue regarding backup:

  1. what is the difference between timeshift and borg?’

  2. even if i choose one of these i dont have a extra partition so is it recommend to cut your existing drive to make one or should i make my backup in my main drive only?


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Everything? They aren’t even similar.

Timeshift is simple tool for system recovery. The idea with timeshift is that if you screw something up with the core system you can restore the system to prior point in time. That is really all it is built for.

borg is an full data backup solution. It provides encrypted, compressed, deduplicated data backup.

Yes, you should add another partition. That being said, if you are storing the data on the same drive, a drive failure will remove both your backup and the primary data.

With any data protection strategy, you should start with “What is the failure model I am trying to protect against?” Once you understand that, then you can build an appropriate backup strategy.


which one should i prefer in case of a update problem. Also can i provide a guide for partitioning existing drive. do i have to do this from live usb??

Timeshift. That is what it is for.

You should just be able to open gparted or kde partition manager from a live ISO to resize your existing root partition.

Okay i will give it a try thanks!

Good luck. Always make a backup of any important data before modifying a partition.

hello there, just as a little addition, this guide is well worth following so that timeshift snapshots are automated with any fundamental arch update, and they’ll be accessible on your grub menu on startup, just in case it all went a little bit wrong and you couldn’t get in to your desktop at some point. How To: GRUB-BTRFS Snapshot Booting on Arch Linux Systems