TIL of: "The Stallman Freedom Index"

I submit my output from “absolutely-proprietary” (in the AUR)…I…I can feel Stallman’s disapproving gaze upon me…
Stallman_Freedom_Index_2022-05-23 18-26-05


Here are mine (Stallman Freedom Index: 96.49):

Name Status Libre Alternatives Description
amd-ucode nonfree no modification, use restrictions
cowsay nonfree cowsay website of the source code is unavaiable
ipw2100-fw nonfree WiFi firmware for some WiFi adapters supported by the ipw2x00 Linux driver
ipw2200-fw nonfree WiFi firmware for some WiFi adapters supported by the ipw2x00 Linux driver
linux-firmware nonfree linux-libre-firmware
nonfree blobs
linux-firmware-whence nonfree linux-libre-firmware-whence
nonfree blobs
r8168 nonfree blobs
rar nonfree

Cowsay is getting removed… :cow:


And there was I thinking Freedom meant choosing what I prefer to use whether it is propriety or not, not some bearded old hippies idea of what is right or wrong. True freedom is about making our own choices and dealing with the consequences surely?


that application is full of it.

Thx for posting, finally proper tool for Arch!


I’ve thought better of them! :rofl:

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So what about the linux-firmware? Is installing the libre version of it a good idea, or will this turn the system from a well tuned Volvo into a wooden car with square wheels?

It shouldn’t, but it may cause some hardware not to work properly. The only way to know is to try it.

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Right… :slight_smile:
Well maybe I’ll drive the Volvo a bit longer as I rely on it for work. But anyone, please let us know if you did try that version and it worked or didn’t work for you.

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Problem with it - it’s 100% depends on specific hardware you have…

So if 9 people report it’s fine on their old thinkpads - chances are you will be 1 to have problem on your 2022 DELL or something :laughing:

P.S. Still interesting thing to test anyway :man_scientist:

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Well, if 1 person out of 10 says it didn’t work for them, those are good odds for me. If it’s the opposite, that tells me it’s not a good idea.

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btw, i disagree with how that Stallman index is calculated…

They seem to do that based on % from number of all packages, however if you use any proprietary garbage - you’re 100% proprietary! :rofl:

So Freedom index should show 0 for all of us here.


Yeah, unfortunately, that is true. If your Stallman Freedom Index is any less than 100% you’re not running a completely free computer.

But it’s not exactly the same if you’re running 3 proprietary packages and 1500 free ones, or if you’re running 3 free packages and 1500 proprietary ones. Sure, in both cases, you’re not free (since even a single line of proprietary code can royally screw you), but it’s a bit like living in Lichtenstein compared to North Korea…


… from the options someone else have decided.
Looks to be a very popular concept in many areas of life nowadays :wink:

Saying “true freedom is about being free to be a slave” is pointless. If freedom is the same as slavery, then there is no point in distinguishing between the two.


In the grand scheme of things, what you choose to put in your computer is a truly bagatelle when in reality one has to comply by the overall framework that turns one a disposable product in a cynic marketplace.

Freedom is not the same as slavery but it looks as if slavery gives the illusion of being free.

I would argue that it matters. Freedom is typically not taken away abruptly, but slowly eroded as people accept more and more of those tiny violations of it. Soon these violations are no longer tiny, they become very severe, but the zeitgeist has already changed, and you can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube.

“I’ll just use discord and spotify instead of free alternatives, after all, I’m free to choose!” The next thing you know, it is impossible for you to replace a battery of an electric skateboard you own, and “sideloading” apps on your phone becomes illegal and punishable by prison.

The worst thing about it is that your preference for comfort over freedom enslaves us all, not just you.


The quote is out of context.

The point is simple: unless you are among those who are running the show, you are playing a part in it.

If you are “geographically privileged”, you may have a certain margin of choice of which part to play.
If not, then “god” help you!

The irony of it is that those running the show are also playing their part.
There is no escape from the Framework.

“All we have to do is pass through the exit point, and then your mind disconnects from the Framework.”


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Bad news: There was never a Red Pill. It was part of the scheme! :sweat_smile:


Edit: You know Marvel Comics?

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