This week new python ?!?

as on the schedule :slight_smile:

Optimus manager users should atleast rebuild there package :slight_smile:

curius :slight_smile: keep a eye on your rebuild-detector hook :slight_smile:


new users should have it per default :wink:

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Optimus Manager user here, checking in. Do I need to do anything specific when the new python release comes out to prevent any issues? Previously when I was on Solus, any new version like python for example, the devs would rebuild all the relevant software that needed it and then test it works and then would push those updates to the users so that we never really had to worry about any of it. Is this a similar approach that Arch does or do I have to explicitly rebuild all the software that I have that will be affected by the new python release. I just want to know so I can prepare myself if anything, Feel free to expand on any of this and how it all works in the Arch world, I enjoy learning from this lovely community :wink:

@joekamprad I don’t have the package rebuild-detector installed on my system, but I see it’s in the official community repos. I installed EnOS back in June/July, so this was before the most recent release. Should I be installing rebuild-detector and is there anything else I need to do to make sure things run smoothly with python updating? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

importand if rebuild-detector is installed it wil note that this need a rebuild. just rebuild it from aur.

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don’t know if python of optimus-manager need a patch or something but as all python from aur need to rebuild atleast…

it just detect what need to rebuild as with aur packages can be usefull :slight_smile:

Okay so I’ve gone ahead and decided to install rebuild-detector package from the Arch repos:

sudo pacman -S rebuild-detector

According to their Github (here), I can simply run checkrebuild to see if any of the AUR packages I have need to be rebuilt. So far nothing turned up so I’m good to go for now, though I am surprised I’ve had some AUR packages installed since July and haven’t had any of them need rebuilds yet. Guess I just got lucky. It appears this is now installed by default on EndeavourOS, but since it wasn’t for me I’ve added it to my list of things to do after installing, just in case :wink:

it has a pacman hook, so its handy :slight_smile:

I take it the pacman hook is automatically triggered and I don’t need to do anything?
Also, if there’s times where I need to rebuild packages that I have from the AUR, I don’t also have to rebuild packages from the main official repos too do I?

it notify , only you have to do is to rebuild offcourse :slight_smile:

What’s the process or command to rebuild AUR packages, for example say optimus-manager?

just rebuild normal it rebuild it into the new python folders

you can check it with pacman -Ql optimus-manager

you will see the python folders.

Can anyone comment, why some packages still remain? Here is appropriate issue report. Although packages are working, checkrebuild command still claims these needs to be rebuilt. How that issue can be fixed?

Mostly are aur packages probably you just do a cleanbuild. Eventual --cleanmenu to yay if doesnt show

As there appropriate comment says, there is nothing to do. Also packager comments in AUR say, that especially in case of binary packages (but not only) there is nothing to do. I gues there could be an option to play Sherlock Holmes and search with find those libraries and write a script, that will fix these locations with symlinks and then checkrebuild will not give these false positives anymore. I just solved it like I describe in that issue.