ThinkPad secured core PC: lock down with Microsoft?

Just saw that.

Oh no, that sounds like Lenovo and Microsoft are partnering to lock down bios for the users. Does that mean it will be more difficult to install Linux on those? I loved my ThinkPads but if they continue I will avoid Lenovo in the future.

To me it sounds like another coup to avoid Linux installs. The oddest thing is that in the website above, if you scroll down, the guy is running Ubuntu :rofl:


Are we really going down that direction with future laptops, a locked down bios version? Omg…

Feel free to disagree but practically no: You already need to disable Secure Boot on most Win preinstalled PC, now you have to disable Secure Boot and Pluton, both of which must be done on UEFI interface. 2 toggles instead of 1.

That looks like a program for businesses where they work together to ship a locked-down machine.

It doesn’t appear to have any implications for consumer sales.

For now.


That’s easy to disable still. But recently I discovered they start locking down aspects of bios. Like deep sleep on certain laptops for example. I am worried that they start taking away options in bios, and actually force the user to use that new security feature. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

As long as they leave the toggles where they are, I won’t mind that much.

According the the guy on the pic above I agree :grin:

Looks like Linux means get business done! (Please don’t forget that Lenovo…)


But seriously, you can’t even get a PC with that feature enabled unless you contact an enterprise sales rep. Sounds like a feature for large enterprises.

In truth, I can see how this would be a great feature for enterprise IT departments. Compliance and security are huge challenges for them and that could make both easier.

Was just surprised by it, I just searched for Lenovo carbon X1 and they advertise it on the webpage for consumers. From my experience with them, we need to contact a direct rep to purchase enterprise and they sell specific systems and prices are different. Like we can’t get the discounts posted on consumer webpage.

it will.

The path to hell is paved under the guise of safety and protecting children.

Where’s @keybreak 's comic when I need it.

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Definitely available for consumers. My T14s G3 AMD has Pluton chip. I disabled it, but it has it.