Theming GTK apps on KDE Plasma desktop

What am I missing to be able to theme GTK applications in Plasma? I have the breeze-gtk, kde-gtk-config, gtk2 & gtk3 packages installed, and have “Breeze” selected as the “GTK theme” in “Settings > Application Style > GNOME/GTK Application Style”. However, Timeshift still shows up as some sort of light theme.

Some GTK applications seem to have their style hardcoded and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m not sure if timeshift GUI is one of them.


Was timeshift dropped of repos?
Seems to be in AUR only, at least to me

P.S. Indeed, seems to be hardcoded

Yeah, it’s in AUR not in repo.

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I don’t think it ever was in the repos. Maybe you’re thinking about Manjaro…

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Yeah i haven’t really tried it out outside of Manjaro.
Weird though, pretty solid software, wonder why it’s not in repos

You have to apply it as root. Applications with root access need this.

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You shouldn’t run GTK apps as root anyway. Or QT, for that matter.

It’s thousands of lines of code which was not meant to be run as root.

I’ve definitely seen someone’s screenshot in which Timeshift has a dark theme. Weirdly, the settings I have seems to work for other GTK styling bits, like Firefox’s menus.

Not run as root apply theme logged in as root which is generally not recommended but I have never seen it cause a problem time gparted is the same way.


This is true. I have a few gtk2 apps, Artha, one of my favorite dictionary/thesaurus apps that doesn’t like to play nicely with GTK3 theming. Looks like an old Windows 95 app. What I found is that some themes work better than others. For example, Layan theme seems to work for all the old gtk2 apps, while Breeze and others do not, so, do some theme exploring.

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Oh, that makes sense, probably KDE have just cut GTK2 part of their Breeze GTK theme

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Also, many big GTK apps like GIMP and Inkscape have their own themes, and can be made to look very good, but having system-wide consistency in theming is pretty much impossible.

This may well be the case. I have both gtk2 & gtk3 installed. I notice that on my work Kubuntu desktop (not my choice) I can select both GTK2 & GTK3 themes:

However, Timeshift lists gtk3 as the relevant GTK version dependency (, so that still wouldn’t explain why Timeshift is not picking up the Breeze dark theme.

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Yes this is older variant of KDE, they’ve dropped all GUI GTK settings now as you can see on Arch, only choose GTK3 theme

Yeah…that’s weird :thinking:

Applications that require root permission like timeshift, firewalld gui always had light theme in Plasma for me . I don’t know why it happens in Plasma :man_shrugging: . It doesn’t happen in XFCE .

Logging in to a full graphical session as root is not the best solution in this case.

You can just copy ~/.config/gtk-3.0 to /root/.config/gtk-3.0 and get matching gtk themes.

The firewall gui doesn’t actually run as root so it doesn’t have this problem. It has matching theming on all my installs across several different distros.


My mistake

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