Theming EndeavourOS KDE Plasma

Is there in KDE Plasma, Manjaro latest theme so that i can make Endeavour KDE look like Manjaro?

You could try installing plasma5-themes-breath, breath-icon-theme, breath-dark-icon-theme and sddm-breath-theme from the AUR.

Alternatively, you could try breath2-git which probably has everything you need.

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Thanks. Maybe you know which apps Manjaro using that Endeavour doesn’t have by default, like Yakuake, Pamac…?

maybe better for you install Manjaro . it all there for you + it a good new usr distro .

btw ! welcome to Endeavouros forum


Here’s Manjaro KDE profile


i am on Manjaro, but if Endeavour is better and has a fresh updates then maybe i can switch, for now Manjaro is great but some people commenting that they have a problems with updates and waiting with updates…

What do you think is Endeavour much better than Manjaro?

it no what i think… it what you think/feel :wink: if like look +feel manjaro but no like wait maybe use testing .

Endeavouros is what YOU!! make it :wink:


can you give me a link from Endeavour packages list so that i can compare them?

Instead of installing “what’s different” or “what’s missing” why not just install what looks interesting or useful?


i like Manjaro theme, and it’s default apps and of course that i will isntall something else if i like, but i would like the know what’s the difference between Endeavour and Manjaro default apps and settings…

all info you want in wiki.( i sure ) fail that install Endeavouros in a vm :innocent:see yourself .
That best way find out

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EndeavourOS is essentially Arch, so the packages and updates are the exact same. The only difference is EndeavourOS has their own small repo of packages that help make the Arch experience more enjoyable overall for most users. Below is a quick screenshot of what’s included in the EndeavourOS repos. I will say that if Manjaro is working fine for you, there’s no problem to continue to use it. I’d only recommend switching to EndeavourOS if you want a more pure Arch type of experience, but also want to learn more about how to use and maintain an Arch system. Manjaro is beginner level, EndeavourOS is intermediate level, and Arch is master level.

What’s included in the EndeavourOS repo:

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Basically you learn about Linux faster on Endeavour than on Manjaro. Gobble gobble


@Scotty_Trees :pray: good answer

disagree with this

They all for any level ! depend on usr knowledge / want to learn

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You still can install EndeavourOS in a VM and have a closer look. You can also test your customizations without any risk.


what’s the difference, you mean, i can crash Endeavour easier and that’s how i learn?

You can switch to Manjaro Testing. That gets the same updates as EndeavourOS (and vanilla Arch).

That’s up to the user. Obviously those of us here generally have that opinion though.

That’s not a new thing. It’s been like that for years.

It’s very basic. It’s a base install with yay and a few home built maintenance packages basically.

You can add any apps you want. Default isn’t really relevant.

This isn’t really true. Manjaro builds/repackages a LOT of things on their own repos, that’s not necessarily true.

You misunderstood me, I’m comparing EndeavourOS and Arch, not Manjaro. You might have had one to many cocktails :wink: :tropical_drink:

OHHHH, ya that makes more sense. Nevermind on that one. Manjaro does it’s own thing.