The ultimate open-source laptop

Open-Source, RISC-V Laptop Will Be Easy to Make and Upgrade

So what are your opinions about this? Will it be a success? Do we need it?
The first images are … well, chunky … :grin:
But I think the idea is great.


Don’t care.

Hell yes!
If we want to survive.

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Looks like a pipe dream and just a concept.

The Balthazar laptop project wants to lead by example, showing hardware manufacturers that an open-source future is the way to go, abandoning the closed hardware architectures so many manufacturers use today.

Hardware will be clunky, who wants to buy :rofl:

Since the laptop is focused more on function than form, it is anything but sleek or aesthetically pleasing. The device features a chunky 13.3-inch form factor, with a very thick body, featuring a white, and green color aesthetic.

Not for me it looks like a childs toy! :laughing:


Almost looks like a kids toy computer. I learned basic on one of those years ago as a kid lol

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If you don’t have any background (when i see the 3D render). Why not see with a oem like Clevo for some correct chassis and build around it? Pretty sure its how Tuxedo and others in the open space do.

When i see the gnu logo, im guessing its a full open-source saga :sweat_smile:

Edit: Just see the link (, clearly some hardwork is done.

LEGO on a joint support in creating a working committee and a case for Balthazar.


But i want to see more because i love diy of things that make more sens to buy.

I remember watching as a kid a Croatian animation series called “Professor Balthazar”. He had a mysterious invention machine. I would like to have my computer look like that… :smile:



All hail hypnotoad!

(I can actually almost hear the sound lol)


Apparently this was a inspiration for this project :exploding_head: