The new Beta is available

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The 15th of July is very near, but just before releasing the stable release we present you the new Beta release.

The previous issues we had with the transparent terminal and the installer accidentally being installed on the installed system are tackled in this version. Also, Joe and Fernando worked very hard on the theming, but at the last moment in the live environment, the wallpaper isn’t completely displayed. We’re aware of that and we will fix it, on the installed system the wallpaper shows correctly, so this problem only occurs in the live environment.

We also cleaned up our repo, since the last Beta had a lot of old Antergos packages we don’t use. For Nvidia users we have good news, the Nvidia-installer returned in our repo, but the Nvidia 340xx package isn’t included anymore since this one is officially dropped. For users with a legacy card, we recommend using the Nouveau driver instead.

We hope you will enjoy this release as much as you did with the previous one and feedback is more than welcome.

The Beta release is available on our download page.



I wanted to play with EndeavourOS even if I was not really a good friend of Antergos for some technical reasons such as an overcrowded and partially outdated third party repository.

But as I am a long time archlinux user - my first installation was back in 2009.02 days or so - I wanted to see what this project provides.

So here are some feedbacks with links to opened bugs on github tracker.

  1. There is no mail client by default. If you click on mail client icon, you’ll get a dialog box asking you to select your prefered mail client. Ouch!

  2. As of today, july 10th, there is no wallpaper in live environment but there is one in installed environment.

  3. Some software are useless, like cmake, ghex and elinks. Removing them and replacing them by gvfs-plugins could be a great addition to UX. (bug #3)

  4. In order to preserve user privacy, what about adding firefox-ublock-origin package? (bug#2)

Just replace bug number in both urls.

If you need some beta tests, I can help on my spare time.

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Hi @FredBezies,
First of all, welcome to the forum and thank you for your feedback.
Our posts crossed, so I explained about the problem on the live environment in the announcement.
As for the mail client, this is a default setting in XFCE, a lot of DE’s have it by default. We’re not shipping a mail client, it’s up to the user to install the one by choice.

As for Firefox, we actually need it in our live environment for looking up info during system rescue. In our upcoming online installer, Firefox will be a choice before install in the install menu (read more on that in the “What to expect on the first release” post on the website.

Too bad there is no email client, even Claws Mail.

I was just talking about user experience and how to preserve user privacy :slight_smile:

Just a little thing I forget to add: great idea to clean third party repository. Antergos one was too big and cannot be maintained without problems.

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Too bad there is no email client, even Claws Mail.

This is our philosophy, shipping an almost vanilla DE, all the other options (including Firefox add-ons, for those who want to stick with it) can be added by the user.

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I thought it will be a great addition to give an adblock plugin in Firefox. Well :smiley:

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One of our previous beta had it, but it wasn’t received well.

is a checksum available for the July 10 beta?

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I prefer my OS to install and then get out of my way. One thing I didn’t like about Antergos were the gnome extensions enabled by default. It was a PITA getting rid of the baked in ones and only using what I wanted to install. I’m in favor of a lean install anywhere I can get it.

Welcome to the forums. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

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Sorry, I forgot to include it, it’s on the download page.

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Looks good, but since I don’t have much room to experiment I will wait until Monday, since I have managed to talk myself into not doing anything rash before that :wink:

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Here my test results:

  1. iso starts fast and reliable in legacy and EFI mode
  2. Installer is easy to understand but failed creating new partition table on hdd. I must first delete mbr and existing partition table on command line using dd. If so: Installer starts its work with a nice little slide show :slight_smile:
  3. installation finished very (!) fast. Result is a bootable xfce installation with AURs enabled.


  1. creating a new partition table fails if there is a partition table exitent (not tested if there must be Linux partitions or not)
  2. I installed with activated WIFI internet connection and choosed “german” installation - all needed packages seemed to be downloaded and installed
  3. When starting the new system there is an error of updater “cannot download from url…” I can start update on console using yay -Syu - so there must be an issue.

Looks nice at this stage. Activatiing AURs in general is a good idea (I think) - I love it. Localization selection is nice, too (you can select a language and a location in seperate).
WIFI is working ootb.

I like it!


works well with UEFI, existing linux partitions, and existing /boot/efi partition

First impressions installing in a VM The installer works very well, it’s fast and for a normal install either BIOS or EFI on a single drive you get a workable system very quickly. I did find a couple of issues

  1. the installer should autostart
  2. I could not get it to install on an LVM. The installer is able to create a logical group, but is not able to create a logical volume. I was able to create the group and volume using kde parted but the install failed to boot and was stuck at a grub prompt

I’m not sure it’s needed since a fair amount of people–including myself–only use web based clients.

We wasn’t sure if it is good to autostart the installer, as ISO can be used also for rescue…

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i must agree, as i was adding Adblock Plus ( ABP ) to firefox on a Beta, and this was caused by the thinking that it will bring in security, also on using Browser at the Live-ISO, it was surely the wrong decision as Adblock Plus ( ABP ) is comercial, and problematic on privacy. I would choose uBlock Origin as it is free and open-source:

Me? i can not browse the internet without blocking all the commercials and adds blinking in every corner …

But like with most of apps it is a personal choice what you want to use… like with an email client… some are using webmail only other want to use encrypted mailing one simple only email client and the next want to use evolution inside plasma…

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Just tried the July 10 beta and I’m not sure if I’m taking stupid pills but when I type:

sudo pacman -S pamac

I get this back:

error: target not found: pamac

I’m 99% positive this is the exact same command I carried out in the 2.1 beta and I was able to install pamac just fine.

I thought maybe AUR isn’t enabled? So I edited my pacman.conf file and put it in there:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

sudo pacman -Syu

… and still no go. Tried installing yaourt and same error.

Could somebody show me the error of my ways?

Ublock Origin is awesome, I stopped rolling with Adblock when they sold out.