The left part of the Dolphin folder menu has disappeared

Hi friends.

I was playing a game on Steam, when I closed the game and opened the folder shortcut, the left folder menu had disappeared.

I don’t know what this menu is called, “left contextual menu”? I am referring to the left side where Home, My Documents, My Download, etc. were.

I’ve searched on Google but I can’t find how to activate it. Reboot didn’t fix it either. I think I hit some keyboard shortcut like alt+tab or something while playing, maybe that’s the problem.

Thanks in advance friends.

Click on the hamburger menu. Then “Show panels” and select “Places”

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Thank you very much as always Mr. Dalto!

I was looking at that place but I didn’t see the option until you told me. :sweat:

By the way, I see that F9 is the hot key to hide it, I’m sure I didn’t hit F9, I think.

Thanks again!

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Is this under X11? If so it’s a known bug


Yes, exactly, this happened when changing to x11org (I think that’s what it’s called). Now everything makes sense.

I have been using EOS for a long time and it has never happened to me until now. When I updated my EOS a few days ago, I got a KDE 6.0 update and my Wayland broke and I had to go to x11org.

So I got this bug yesterday, but I didn’t think it was x11org’s fault until I saw your post.

After several days receiving updates, my Wayland is still broken with 400x600 resolution and black screen. I don’t know if I can fix it. I’m going to open a thread to see if I should wait to receive updates, or if I should fix it.


What a mess this Plasma 6 is… Not as bad as Plasma 3 to 4 was, but worse than Plasma 4 to 5, it seems…

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Minimizing a Dolphin window no longer causes all of its panels to get hidden (Nicolas Fella, Dolphin 24.02.1. Link)


:postal_horn: :clown_face:

In order to not miss that bug before release devs and tester had to do absolutely impossible…actually use program for a second or 2.


Woah, woah, that’s a bit too extreme! You don’t really expect the KDE developers to use KDE?? That’s crazy talk! They probably use ɢɴᴏᴍᴇ, judging by the quality of their recent output. Or macs, like most board members of the Linux Foundation.




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That’s interesting to hear. I took a looooooong break from Linux desktops, kinda from around the end of the KDE 3 era.

Now that I’m back on a Linux desktop, my first thought was “wow, not much changed in the last 20 years… still a buggy mess.” :joy:


No, no, I have to correct you! The late stages of Plasma 5 weren’t too buggy.

I expect Plasma 6 won’t be too buggy, either, just before Plasma 7 comes out. :rofl:


(This is the second time I have to write this message, before having to close Firefox because it freezes completely, this never happened to me on EOS KDE Wayland, but it is happening to me on x11org)

What I wanted to ask you is:

Does this type of thing usually happen in, for example, the default EOS desktop, XFCE?

I mean, visually, my 2 favorite desktops are KDE and XFCE, but I don’t know if XFCE maybe works better than KDE.

I’ve never used window desktops (I think they’re called that) like i3, they seem to have less bugs but I don’t think I’ll get used to using them. But as someone looking for stability, I would like to know if XFCE is better than KDE.

I know I should open a thread for this sorry! xP

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