The home page displays the words Hello World

When I casually open the homepage of the endeavoros website it only shows the words Hello World.

There is server migration going on currently.

That happens if you type in “” in the address bar. If you type in “”, it takes you to the correct page.

Bare with me, the forum is available the WordPress sites will be going down one by one today.

DISCLAIMER: The dev teams are the coding superheroes in speed with the terminal, I’m working at the speed of a tortoise. It’s slower but I’ll get there in the end. (It is frustrating working with manuals that either have typos or outdated commands and you have to go back and forth the web for the right one. But I’m relatively “enjoying it” to my surprise.)


TL/DR; - Thanks Bryan - you are awesome!

Take all the time you need. Thanks the ongoing efforts and hard work to provide all of us thankless users with an outstanding distro and forum and wiki!

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It redirects to right now. Interesting.

That’s not good…

It should say:

Hello clown world!



No way, it says:

Migration in process is currently being migrated. Please check back later

There was an issue with the main setting and whilst fixing that, someone got access to the site and redirected the domain.
It’s not catastrophic and fixable.

To who has done it. I love your humor and your personality for not owning up this really good joke. I really would love to meet you, I think the two of us can have a big laugh with a couple of pints. :kiss: :heart_eyes_cat: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :dizzy:


Let me be around, and it’s …!

:hammer: :rofl:

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No, I will kiss them… KISS THEM AS THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN KISSED BEFORE… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here is a video.

Thanks much to @Bryanpwo, that was fixed within minutes!

Still good for you, to bring it up!

I say, screw envy!



Hm, you’re working from the coffee shop again, aren’t you? :wink:


Well, despite my efforts and following several tutorials on how to migrate WordPress manually, @dalto did the job at lightning speed and ignoring all the tutorials.

Instead of going through hoops of building a new WordPress instance and extracting the backup, he just put back the backup and that worked without issues. No tutorial I found spoke about that.

Those were hours I will never get back… I did have an in-depth look how WordPress works though, installing it three times in a row.


That should be official WordPress motto :rofl: