The history of the world's largest cities

The history of the world’s largest cities from 3000 BCE to modern times.
Very interesting to see in which areas mankind has developed


Wow, Constantinople is like a heartbeat for almost all the presentation. Very interesting also is Argentina in 1970s. :thinking:

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Yes in the Middle East, the so-called green crescent, is probably the cradle of humanity

Yes, that’s what I was thinking about. :globe_with_meridians:

Is that part of the city still trying to be part of the E.U. ? Negotiations still going on with the European parliament ?

I’m honestly completely stumped :thinking:. Sorry

It’s interesting that across continents whatever city it is, absolute most of the time until latest years - it’s relatively close to equator.


That’s right. Now that you mention it. I wonder what the reason was for that. Perhaps agriculture was not so profitable at the equator.

I think that line a bit above equator probably has best all around climate for life and agriculture…
Less friction to fight for survival - leads to better production and cultural progress.

Historically survival in colder or hotter climate was linked to survival either against severe weather conditions or different kinds of wild predators, until latest times when humans can basically conquer such obstacles much easier than before…


It is proven that in the cities of the Middle East, today’s Baghdad or Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, also other large cities, in the area of the Islamic area already had astrology and medical progress, while we in Europe still danced in the loincloth around the campfire.
In China they had paper and noodles while in the local world life still took place in caves.

In any case, it is very exciting to discover how it all develops. Unfortunately, I won’t live long enough to see how we colonize Mars. Although, I could still manage 30 years. All the men in my family lived to be around 85 :upside_down_face: