The EndeavourOS User, a GPT4 poem

In the vast expanse of the digital sky,
There’s a wanderer, with a curious eye.
An EndeavourOS user, they roam with grace,
In the universe of code, their chosen space.

With Arch as their backbone, they stride with pride,
On a journey where freedom and challenge collide.
Their system, a vessel, sleek and refined,
Where simplicity and power are beautifully entwined.

They sail through the cosmos, with command line as their map,
Exploring new horizons, without a single gap.
Each update, a new adventure, boldly they steer,
In the ever-shifting landscape, crystal clear.

Their desktop, a masterpiece, uniquely their own,
In a world of binaries, where seeds of creativity are sown.
With every terminal command, a new world comes to life,
Amidst the cosmic chaos, their tranquility is rife.

The thrill of the unknown, in each package they choose,
In the EndeavourOS universe, there’s nothing to lose.
They embrace the rolling release, a journey unending,
Where each new dawn, new possibilities are blending.

With AUR as their treasure, a bounty so vast,
In the sea of Arch wonders, their anchor is cast.
Their quest for knowledge, as boundless as space,
In the heart of EndeavourOS, they find their place.

An explorer at heart, in a digital sea,
Where freedom and wonder are the keys to be free.
An EndeavourOS user, in the vast cybernetic expanse,
In the dance of the cosmos, they eternally dance.


Good grief! GPT-4 has got a lot to learn about writing poetry. The metering is all over the place so the poem has no rhythm. Some of the word choices are quite bizarre too: “Amidst the cosmic chaos, their tranquility is rife.” Yeah it makes sense in a way but rife is not a word normally chosen alongside tranquility. And this is just rhyming couplets, the most simple form of rhyming poetry. Back to school GPT-4, more learning to be done! :man_facepalming:

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Yes, It started off okay but it seemed very weird at points to me, but it still did a better job than I could but that’s why I’m not a poet or a writer.


Cringe, that awkward feeling we all know
A stab of embarrassment, like an arrow’s throw
We squirm and blush, our faces aglow
With shame or discomfort, it’s not hard to show

From fumbling words to social missteps
Cringe follows us, wherever we tread
But fear not, for this feeling is fleeting
And soon will pass, leaving only greeting

So let us laugh at ourselves, with love and light
For in the end, we are all human, after all, so right?

Cringe – a poem by HuggingChat


Very nice!

I liked it. :enos: :enos_flag: :rocketa_purple:
" They sail through the cosmos … "

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